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Friday night round up!


Well I have written 3 posts this week that I have lost before posting…. pooh. It sucks ’cause I was happy earlier in the week and had lots of nice things to day but tonight I am pissed at the universe, thank you hormones.

Anyway I thought while I was laying in bed feeling miserable and sorry for myself (yup, thank you hormones) and catching up on this weeks TV shows (Glee, Big Bang and Criminal Minds) I thought I would catch you up on the rest of my week.

On Wednesday I met with my potential new doctor and it was bad.  I am not going to go into the details of who the doctor was but if you are looking for  a doctor and want to know who not to go to email me and I will send you the name. After a bad first impression I went and googled her and found LOTS about her on rate my doctor and wow is she super unpopular. With my gut feeling confirmed I decided that a second appointment was not in the cards. But determined as I am I kept calling people and fond another doctor to audition. I went this evening after work and this time I brought my tried and true second opinion with me. Gil is a man who’s judgement I trust. This time I am much more satisfied with the result.   Large clean facility, nice receptionists who were sweet to me even though I was late, a doctor who I thought asked me god questions AND gave me a chance to answer, who recommended a course of action but then told me that I should go home and think about it and do some research myself before blindly agreeing with what she said. I thought that was truly remarkable. SO here I am striking one of the 16 things off my list because I got me a family doctor! Gil liked her so much I think he might start going to her too! Oh I do love crossing things off my list.

Now it is time for me to actually start looking into the meds she recommended so I can decide if it is right for me. I am immensely grateful that she didn’t just look at me and tell me that I need to loose weight (like I don’t already know that!) she recognized that with an illness like PCOS there are mitigating factors that make that much harder. Which is not to say that I can’t do more myself, I CAN eat better, I CAN get more exercise but there is something going on with my body that she thinks she might be able to help me with and that feels like a load off my shoulders. It also makes me wonder why my last doctor didn’t talk to me about the challenges of PCOS and the options available to me.

The rest of my week was angry birds and PMS, you don’t want to hear about that so I am going to say ‘night peeps. Night Peeps.


Nothing Special


Good day ladies and gents,
It is a lovely sunny day and I am immensely grateful for having a window in my office. At the hospital I had TWO offices and no windows, truly it was hell.
My mind is racing today with ideas for my story, I am getting really excited about November, this is the first time I have ever felt this way about that month.

Editors Note- Correction


For those of you not privy to inner workings of my brain I feel the need to fix a small error from my last post. I did not find a “New Woman”.  I love all my women already 😉 Rather I found a new doctor, or at least a potential one, as was on my to do list. She happens to be a woman but she won’t be “my woman”. Let this be a lesson to actually read the post before hitting publish.

36 days ’til NaNo!


First up today I have some NaNoWriMo news!
After some consultation and encouragement from my awesome husband, I have decided to go completely out of my wheelhouse and write a work of science fiction! Crazy right!?
I am nervous and excited. Last year I only found out about NaNo two days before so I didn’t have this amped up feeling, I really like it. I am also letting people know well in advance that I am not committing myself to anything major in November. I probably won’t go to book club ’cause I promise I won’t have time to read the book. I will keep going to work because I have no choice and I am going to try and stay committed to yoga once a week. Other than that I make no promises.
Last year doing NaNo helped with my depression and gave me a real sense of accomplishment, I want that again.
The second thing I wanted to mention I’d that I have made some progress on my list of 16 things. I have an appointment Wednesday to meet a new woman and see if I gel with her. I would be very happy to cross that off my list.

Story Time


There are days that Sasha just sits at her desk praying that a meteorite will come screaming out of the sky and crash through her window; just to make the day more interesting. To say she finds her job boring is a gross understatement, it would be like saying Pol Pot was a little ill tempered. From eight-thirty in the morning until four-thirty in the afternoon Sasha is a “paper jockey” for a national distributor of debit and cash register supplies. When she tells people this at social functions she can actually watch their eyes glaze over and it doesn’t even insult her, she gets bored to tears just describing her job. Friends of hers can’t ever recall what it is she does, the information just doesn’t stick; something about the absurdity of her job description gives it a Teflon coating. To be fair being a paper jockey is not the worst job in the world. It probably doesn’t ever make the top one hundred.  It does not involve any bodily fluids. There is no rain, sleet or hail. At no point does anyone slap her ass or ask her to remove any articles of her clothing. In addition to this and very importantly it leaves her lots of time to daydream about meteorites. But if you ask Sasha she might say she would take the ass smacking.  Today the sky is a particularly beautiful shade of cerulean blue, the clouds are low on the horizon but large and fluffy and her imagination is on fire. If you are worried that her musings seem on the self destructive line you can put your mind at ease, she always escapes unscathed, sometimes with newly bestowed super powers. Sadly her co-works, customers or the office seldom have the same luck.

As a child Sasha’s mother worried that her child spent too much time in a dream land.  While other girls were running around playing kissing games with boys and keeping track of whose germs they were protected from by the magic inoculation of “keys for life”, Sasha was laying in the grass watching the bugs, creating stories of epic battles between the Ant Nation, lead by Queen Nasturtium, and the Spider Clans under the power of Lord Harold the Destroyer. When her classmates were bugged out in front of the TV watching C.H.I.P’s and Charlie’s Angles and scarfing down bowls full of Sugar Shitty Pops, Sasha was hanging by her ankles from her brothers chin-up bar imagining the world had become completely topsy turvy one day when God “accidentally” reversed gravity.In school teachers often found her faraway gaze endearing, especially in contrast to the rambunctious behavior of the frenzied mob of children who surrounded her, however it did impede her scholastic achievements in just about every subject except creative writing. Math could never hold her interest; there was simply no room for whimsy. Science was okay, but mainly as a springboard for more creative endeavors. History posed a particular problem not because she found it uninteresting but because she often became too entangled in it and she began to expand and extrapolate until a paper on Louise XVII becomes a saga about the life of Georgina the 14 year old chambermaid whose mother Louisa has been crippled in a terrible carriage accident… you get the idea.

Unknown to Sasha’s worrying mother she came across her vivid imagination quite naturally. While her family tree would never reflect it there had been an adoption many generations before Sasha, and when I say “adoption” what I mean of course is that there was a baby whose parents had both contracted a terrible fever and passed away leaving behind little baby boy who was given to a young mother who had just lost her own son to the same terrible fate. Back in those days this was not uncommon you see, and the little boy just took the same of the recently deceased son. The family tree did not reflect this graft nor the impressive genetic heritage that chubby little fellow with making Sasha, in fact the many times great grand-daughter of the greatest day dreamer of them all, Leonardo DeVinci!



Market Saturday


I was up at about 6:15 yesterday morning and I couldn’t get back to sleep so I decided to make my first trip over to the “new” Halifax Seaport Farmers Market.  I haven’t taken many pictures recently, having completed my 365 project earlier this week, so I was feeling itchy to get my snap on and I thought that the market would be a nice place for some pictures. I thought I would share some with you.

Front of the market The first thing I noticed was that at 7:07am there was already so many people there I could not find a parking spot. I thought that I was getting a jump on the day because the website said they opened at 7am. But I was talking we a vendor who said that people often start to gather around 6:30!! I have to be honest, I would rather park 10 blocks away and walk than be up early enough to get there for 6:30!!

I was excited to check out the living wall and it was pretty cool although I had hoped it would be a little larger.

oh dear, of the many things I love about a farmers market the smell of fresh from the oven bread is at least number 2 on my list. The picture, no matter how hard I try, just can’t do it justice.  Mmmm bread!

My other favorite thing at a good market…. flowers! Oh god I love the flowers.

See! Oh god they are lovely!!

                                                                   Okay if the parking lot is full to capacity, where are all the people?

All and all I wasn’t wowed by the new location. It was pretty to be sure but it lacked the charm and character of the old location. Other than some flowers and some cheese (mmm caramelized goat cheese!!) there was nothing that really caught my eye and so I went back home over the bridge to get what I was really, truly craving….

If you haven’t already been than please for the love of all that is holy check out TIBS. Have a great cup of coffee and a croissant. I am warning you, once you have had one of these bits of heaven on a plate you will never be the same again. I prefer the provolone and prosciutto but they have several varieties to choose from. Please go! I swear you will love it.

Funky Chicken


I don’t know if it is because my day started at 4am with a coughing husband, the fog horn bellowing down the hill and a dog pooh on the kitchen floor.  Maybe it is because we are short staffed at work and I had to give up part of my vacation time today. Maybe it is because I ate such crap food today. Maybe it the lurking pms but today I am stunk in a funk. Yoga felt too hard; the air is too wet and hot; the cat is giving me the stink eye. I think it is time for bed.