Monthly Archives: December 2011

Adios 2011!


This was the year….
I turned 36      

We got our sexy new fridge  

We lost Walter

My brother Stephen came home for the first time in a decade 

We did not go to Mexico

We DID go back to Las Vegas! 

I tried go karting for the first time… possibly the last time.

We finally got to meet Brooklyn Ava Grace Harris 

I got my beginners license

I had Strep two times in a row

I asserted my democratic right and voted

Oliver turned 5

I had to get a tetanus shot


Gil broke his leg in two places 

Took Drivers Ed

Started and finished the music challange

Drove to the Dragon Fly Inn in the Annapolis Valley for a romantic weekend with my sweetie

Started and finished 30 days of gratitude

It rained… A LOT

We had house guests both human and feline for two months  

Lulu escaped and I chased her all over Dartmouth … in my PJ`s.

Started my silence project

My new Nephew Levi William Harris finally arrived 

Oliver got very very sick and we came close to losing him

I got my full drivers license

Drove all by myself for the very first time

Gil finally got his cast off and started physio

I bought a CAR 

Saw the last Harry Potter movie… it rawked

Ended a 23 year `friendship` that was draining the life out of me

I got to reconnect with my beautiful awesome cousin Janet in CB 

Had the best thunder and lightening storm I have ever seen in my life

Discovered the Bloggess  …  Knock Knock Motherfucker!

The world lost the great Jack Layton

Made the switch from Blogger to WordPress…. I like it

Had my first tangle with insurance… it was not my fault

I got brought home Black Angus McGillicutty Richard… I swear he is the last one 

Started yoga class

Finally finished my 365 photoblog

Was a labour coach again …. Baby Allyson arrived October 4th 

Celebrated our 5th wedding anniversary and Thanksgiving at White Point just a few weeks before the main lodge burned down 

Got my new laptop

Saw my very favorite musician, John Prine, live in concert

Started Project Good Stuff

Had another successful Operation Red Nose Season

Spent the Holidays with my awesome big brother

It was a pretty hard year but there were lots of great times too. I am very proud of the hard work I did to get my drivers license. I am happy with my growth both personally and professionally. I am happy the Gil and I ended the year as strong or stronger than we started.  I am glad I made some nice new friends and made some good choices to let some people go. I am glad that I had a year to live and learn and love and I am blessed I get to start all over again tomorrow.



Okay so I have pretty much failed at my 16 things I want to do/finish before the end of the year but I am not going to gripe or blame, it was my own doing and I can always pick them up in the new year.  No sense wallowing. But I did read something today that really peaked my interest for the new year. It is a project called 12 in 12, you can read more about it here!

I have some good ideas already for what I want to do with my months. I am not going to set anything in stone but I am going to try to and make sure that walking and taking my vitamins are on there. I plan to blog my way through it, I know you much be so excited!

If you were going to do 12 in 12 what would be on your list?

Whew! That was a BLAST!


Well it has been a pretty amazing holiday season so far but I have been WAY too busy to sit down and update but as of today I determined to get back on track.

Today was chock full of good stuff. But tonight is really taking the cake. The VERY best thing about the holidays is all the time I get to spend with my friends and my family. I love these people SO MUCH, words fail me when I try and describe how much these people mean to me. But after days and nights and days filled with friends and family I get worn down and tonight I have my down time. The in-laws are home safely, my brother is somewhere drinking beer and watching football with his men folk, Hubby is in the other rooms punching mutants in the end; all my peeps are accounted for. So where am I? Alone! I am eating naughty food, painting my nails and watching season one of Ally McBeal on DVD. I am having a friggin’ fabulous time!! I have laughed so hard my sides hurt, I feel so relaxed it is AWESOME. The perfect ending to days of madness. And to sweeten the deal my amazing husband is getting up with the dogs in the morning so I can sleep in!! Life is good in the neighborhood!