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Well Howdy Pardner, saddle up ’cause we are hitting the meat-iocre trail….


Well if I am going to completely blow my 12 in 12 challenge I might as well blog about my eating experience so here we are…

Have you ever come home from a meal out and went directly to the bathroom to brush your teeth to get the taste out? Well welcome to my Woody’s Bar-B-Q experience.

We walked up and from the outside it smelled delightful and smokey. The place was pretty packed but we were seated very quickly which was the very last thing that would happen with any rapidity.

I should have seen it coming when my diet coke came to me totally flat but I thought… “hey, these things happen, they likely just don’t have the mix right.” Silly silly Meghan, what were you thinking?

After a LONG painful wait our starter arrived. It was pretty good, corn nuggets, which is essentially deep fried creamed corn.  Aside from the generic from the bottle-ranch -dressing -dipping- sauce, the corn nuggets were the highlight of my meal.

The next portion of our meal took… I am not kidding… almost a full hour.

Where do I start?

The coleslaw … in a word? Boring!  It is slaw I would expect from some place boring and generic… not from some place touting it’s self as experts in southern BBQ.

Sloppy Woody … The menu says “Our most popular sandwich. A tangy combination of Woody’s secret sauce and bar-b-q pork piled high.”  Meghan says …. BORING.  It didn’t taste BAD. It just didn’t … do it for me. It was alright… but I didn’t want all right, I didn’t want something I could get at any big box chain, I wanted BBQ!

Fried corn on the cob….  the reason for needing the tooth brush. I couldn’t even eat one full piece of corn. The texture was AWFUL! The corn was way way over done, mushy verging on gooey. Soaked in melted butter but not in that sexy melted butter way. And the garlic… I guarantee it was powdered and from a jar.

Gil DID let me try one of his ribs which was pretty decent.  If I even made a return trip to Woody’s  Boring-BQ I might order them, but the chances of that happening are … well it’s just not gonna happen.


12 in 12 – a follow up


Okay people, well I am sitting here with a half eaten pint of Haagen-Dazs and I feel like I owe you a confession update. February has been a hard month for me and perhaps that made it a good month to try this particular challenge or maybe it made it even harder. Nonetheless this past week has been SUPER hard and very mentally/emotionally difficult and in my deep cerebral funk I faltered… twice.   I know that twice is not as bad as it could have been but I am still disappointed in myself.  Both times were at lunch time and I was trying to get through a really awful work day, I just wanted out of the office, to have a wifi connection and to lick my wounds with food.  I do plan on finishing the month and I hope to have great success but there is the truth. Fast Food = Crack!   It’s a hard habit to kick!



I knew we were going  to eat pancakes today because HOT DAMN.. it’s pancake day! But I wanted to do something different so I found something fun on Pinterest!

Step One – Make Pancake batter

My batter comes from Aunt Jemima I am not that cool…

Step Two – Colour it up!

I was gonna make a rainbow but I didn’t have all the colours or the patience to mix it.

Step Three –  PAMCAKES!!!

For my sweetie!  Happy Pamcake Day!!

12 in 12 a minor set back


Okay today has has some highs and some lows. Let me be candid, the PMS, it is kicking my ass. This morning I was tired, headachy, weepy and a real treat to be around. But my husband was sweet nonetheless and took me for a hot caffeinated breakfast drink but in the car I realized, while melting down, that not only had I left my glasses on my bedside table (with no time to go home and get them) but I also had not eaten breakfast.  Gil took the whole thing in stride and said he would take care of breakfast. So when we got to the Second Cup he went on autopilot and ordered breakfast sandwiches. By that time I was so wrapped up in my pity party that I just woofed it down before I realized what I was doing. Isn’t that always how these things happen?

Of course the PMS and the guilt went on a lovely long trip together, holding hands and skipping and laughing … at me. But I have to just pick myself up and brush myself off. A slip is a a slip but is is not defeat. And hell, how long can PMS possibly last?



12 in 12 – a month one revisit….


i just wanted to take a moment to give you another follow up from month one, which as you may recall was taking my meds every day. Apparently 31 days was enough to successfully create a habit for me because 13 days into month two and I am still taking my pills every since day. In fact I got sick early this month and had to be prescribed antibiotics, i just threw them in with my morning med routine and I actually finished the whole bottle in the allotted time, this was a first for me.