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This was the year….


This was the year….


  •       I turned 37! (holy cow how did I get to be 37??)





  • we got our new stove




  • 02   My beautiful Great Niece Kilei was born (Oh god I love her!)






  • I made my husband rainbow pancakes
  • I got my first cavity



  • 03   We had an amazing trip to Ottawa to visit siblings (and I got to see my first NHL game)





  • My brother moved home!!
  • Gil and I celebrated 10 years of crazy love (and I do mean CRAZY!)
  • We planted a beautiful garden




  • 04 I Walked with Team Chloe for JDRF






  • My brother in law Kenny lost his battle with cancer
  • We celebrated the wedding of our dear friends Rena and Brendan


  • 05We took our first trip up to the trailer in 3 years






  • Lulu became a Cover Girl




  • 06Took my first solo car trip to Cape Breton (Just a hint, secondary highways are for suckers and those who know no better. Lesson learned!)







  • I got to visit with my lovely family and AWESOME cousin Janet
  • My sweet Great aunt Flossie passed away


  • We ate S’Mores… lots and lots of S’mores





  • We grew pumpkins and they took over our whole yard
  • I joined Weight Watchers … for the LAST TIME!
  • I became a runner!
  • I started playing dodgeball (Go Dodgers Go!)
  • We had a surprise visit from my sister in law Amy



  • 08We lost out sweet Lulu girlie (I miss you every single day baby girl, every single day!)







  • We celebrated 6 years of marital bliss (Would not trade one second of it away,  not even if Shamar asked nicely)
  • Asbestos! (need I say more?)
  • We became displaced people for almost a month (Thank you SO much for those who helped us through such a hard time. Especially Terry, Louis and Natalie, Susan and John & Dawn and Dan.  We love you guys!!!)



  • 09I ran my first race (With my new friends who I adore, Coach and Mrs. Coach!)






  • 10PG came to live with us (Thank you for helping to heal my broken heart, you are a very special dog)







  • 11I fell down went boom







  • 12I lost 30 lbs.



It has been a very big, very busy year. Full of amazing highs and gut wrenching lows but I have survived intact.  Everything in my life is stronger; my marriage, my body, my friendships, my spirit.   I am grateful for all of it, and for all of you.  I can’t wait so see what 2013 sends my way!