Try something new Tuesday – Phat!


Oh lord have mercy! What did I do?  I needed something quick and easy to make tonight because I had to be out early. I found THIS recipe on Pinterest and thought “hey why not?” I made a few mistakes on this one. 

Mistake #1  I didn’t check to see that I had everything on hand.  I went and got all the ‘important’ things but I ran out of honey and soy sauce because I took for granted that they would be in my cupboard.  I ended up using a bit of peanut butter to make up for the stuff I didn’t have. 

Mistake # 2 I didn’t run the recipe through my Weight Watchers program to see how many points it would be. It rang in at almost a whooping 20 points per serving. So to all my friends watching their waistline I say stay away from this one. It is tasty but NOT tasty enough to be worth the calories.  I won’t be making this one again. 



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