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Thursday Thanks!


It is always easy to find things to complain about, especially in the cold and dark of February.But that is part of the reason why it is so important to find things to be grateful for. Here is my list for today…

  • Cozy socks
  • A physiotherapist who is really invested in my recovery
  • the sound of the rain on my bedroom window
  • Tiger tea
  • Harry Dresden
  • Email (Imagine how much harder it was to stay in touch two decades ago!)



Let’s Have Tea : Buddha’s Blend, flavoured white, DAVIDsTEA


Never before have I wished so fervently that “smellovision” technology existed for the Internets.  This little tea smells so beautiful, I fell madly in love at first whiff.


The problem with the Buddha’s Blend, is that like so many beautiful things, it is impossibly high maintenance.  The lovely young man who sold it to me gave me perfect directions; he was very clear about the consequences of not following the preparation exactly as prescribed.  But honestly, making a good cup of tea should not be rocket science. “I’m a doctor not a teaologist!”

Suffice to say that I am no closer to finding nirvana, not in a cup, not under a bodhi tree.  I made multiple attempts and failed miserably each time.  It either tasted either like nothing or like bitter ick.  I won’t be trying this one again but it sure smelled pretty.

Let’s sum this baby up!


Well this week was a tough one, The winter blah’s caught up with big time and this week it kicked my ass. 

Monday I was so disenchanted that I came awfully close to quitting my job.  My boss and I had a talk and I told her I would be updating my resume but I promised her I would wait a while longer. It’s important I don’t make my decision rashly while I am in a bad head space.

Tuesday my frustration increased with my weigh in and it sat on my head for the rest of the day.  My brain being full of crap made work more and more unbearable.  In the end I opted to take another long weekend so I could have a chance to get away from the things that are driving me insane so I could get some perspective. 

On Wednesday it all sat heavily on me and I ruminated.  Also I had a good conversation with my brother-from-another-mother.  I like him a lot, he has a way of giving me perspective. 

On Thursday my sweet BFFFE brought me lunch at work and visited with me because that is the kind of amazing human she is. I am blessed to have such a great friend.  I also had a WONDERFUL session with the physiotherapist.  All these things started to clear the fog which was settling in my brain. 

On Friday I felt a slight spring in my step, metaphorically speaking.  I went with a friend to look at a great apartment which gave me some wonderful idea’s about my own home.  I spent some time geeking out with my peeps and I bought some new tea’s to try!

Saturday was a work of art. Every Saturday should be so good.  I got house work done.  I did something all on my own I didn’t think I would be able to do.  I got to meet up with Coach and Mrs. Coach and the mini’s and go for a great walk which included a little bit of running. I indulged in the whims of my pregnant gal pals which meant BBQ and ice cream cake, the company of people I love and some geeky fun.  Plus my husband pulled himself away from the office for a little while to join us… MAJOR BONUS. 

Today has been low key,  I am still feeling relaxed because I know I don’t have to drag my ass into work tomorrow morning. Can I retire now?   I had a great tea date at Starbucks with my Sunday morning crew. Sunday tea is always a highlight of the weekend for me. Afterward we retreated to S&J’s for pancake lunch and more chatting.  I spent the rest of the day on my own with the hounds and the kitties. We did laundry, cleaned the house. rearranged furniture, read and tried to pick a colour pallet for the spare room with is being transformed into my yoga space. Not a rough day to be sure. The weekend has been delightful, now if only I could carry that feeling through the week with me. I know something has to give, I just don’t know what it is. When I figure it out I will share it with you. 


Remember, we all stumble, every one of us.  That’s why it’s a comfort to go hand in hand.  ~Emily Kimbrough

Today I am extra super grateful for my Aimee. The girl is truly my rock. I love my husband more than anyone on the planet but sometimes you just need your bestie.

I am grateful …

that she doesn’t judge me when I am feeling crappy

that she always ends up making me laugh even when I don’t think it is possible

that I know she tells me straight up how it is

that she is one of the most thoughtful people I have ever met

that she has no idea how brilliant she is

that she also knows all the words to Les Mis

that I can just be 100% myself with her

that she loves me as much as I love her!

girls (2)

Thankfully Thursday

Wisdom for Wednesday


“February, month of despair,with a skewered heart in the centre.”

― Margaret Atwood

Let me just say, for those of us for whom it is relevant, there are only 27.5 days left of winter.  Can I get a hell yeah?

 Okay two weeks ago I was wandering around humming to myself all proud as punch that I had dodged the “winter blues” bullet.  Well… there’s egg on my face!

Sometime last week the ground just feel out from under me.  I’m okay. I mean it, I am not not lost lost or broken that I am in an danger. I am just deeply, inexplicably sad, frustrated, mad, bleh.  But in the midst of it all I hold on to my beautiful nugget of hope, this too shall pass, it always has, it always will. I need to take care of myself, sleep well, eat well, spend time with people I like, get some exercise. I take heart in the fact that I am not alone, February is a bleak month, dark cold and wet, there are many people feeling “done” with winter.   Spring and light and warmth are just around the corner and so to is my equilibrium. In the mean time there is tea, good books, comfy pj’s and certain liberation in knowing it is okay to feel like crap sometimes, it doesn’t make me weak, it just makes me human.

Meatless Monday….


I have been doing this for 7 weeks now and it has become very easy. I haven’t had a slip up, I haven’t panicked not had anything to eat. My friends know that if they are coming over to eat at my place on a Monday they won’t be eating meat but they will still have a yummy meal.   I have noticed that more and more of my meals through the week have little or no meat in them.  I would say that it is roughly 50/50 for dinner time while breakfast and lunch it is more like 70% vegetarian.   I want to reiterate that I don’t have a beef with meat! (Bwahaha) In fact I am a big fan, I love a good steak. I adore bacon. I am a meat eater. I just don’t think I need to consume so much. According to Stats Can. the average Canadian consumes 137 lbs of meat a year. I don’t know about you but to me that sounds like a LOT of meat. It’s all about balance and for me, and probably for a lot of people, my balance has been off for a long time.  I grew up in a home where dinner was meat and two veg, I believed that was the “correct” way to do things. It is hard to unlearn those things that are part of your core building blocks, the foundations. But I have a problematic relationship with food and major weight issue and the roots of that are in those early foundations and I know now that I can look at those things that I held to be true and examine them to see if they work for me now, or if they work against me. I can control so much more as an adult.  Do you know that when I was a kid I didn’t LIKE meat? My parents practically had to force feed it to me. Maybe even then I knew that when I eat too much meat my body feels icky.  I get bloated and constipated, I have a hard digesting too much animal protein.   So now i can choose to eat meat when I really want to, and I can opt to only have really good, lean cuts.  Yup balance and control, that is what it is all about.



The feeling of Sunday is the same everywhere, heavy, melancholy, standing still.  ~Jean Rhys

– Snow


– Yoga

– Pancakes

– Lent

– Purge

– Quiet

– Work frustration

– Frightening icy roads

– Valentines

– Vet 

– Microchip


– Coffee with friends

– Pedicure

– Amazing meal with friends

– Tea, tea, tea

– Dog walks

– Birthday fun

– Shopping


– Lazy Sunday

– Dr. Who

– Exhausted