Let’s sum this baby up!


Well this week was a tough one, The winter blah’s caught up with big time and this week it kicked my ass. 

Monday I was so disenchanted that I came awfully close to quitting my job.  My boss and I had a talk and I told her I would be updating my resume but I promised her I would wait a while longer. It’s important I don’t make my decision rashly while I am in a bad head space.

Tuesday my frustration increased with my weigh in and it sat on my head for the rest of the day.  My brain being full of crap made work more and more unbearable.  In the end I opted to take another long weekend so I could have a chance to get away from the things that are driving me insane so I could get some perspective. 

On Wednesday it all sat heavily on me and I ruminated.  Also I had a good conversation with my brother-from-another-mother.  I like him a lot, he has a way of giving me perspective. 

On Thursday my sweet BFFFE brought me lunch at work and visited with me because that is the kind of amazing human she is. I am blessed to have such a great friend.  I also had a WONDERFUL session with the physiotherapist.  All these things started to clear the fog which was settling in my brain. 

On Friday I felt a slight spring in my step, metaphorically speaking.  I went with a friend to look at a great apartment which gave me some wonderful idea’s about my own home.  I spent some time geeking out with my peeps and I bought some new tea’s to try!

Saturday was a work of art. Every Saturday should be so good.  I got house work done.  I did something all on my own I didn’t think I would be able to do.  I got to meet up with Coach and Mrs. Coach and the mini’s and go for a great walk which included a little bit of running. I indulged in the whims of my pregnant gal pals which meant BBQ and ice cream cake, the company of people I love and some geeky fun.  Plus my husband pulled himself away from the office for a little while to join us… MAJOR BONUS. 

Today has been low key,  I am still feeling relaxed because I know I don’t have to drag my ass into work tomorrow morning. Can I retire now?   I had a great tea date at Starbucks with my Sunday morning crew. Sunday tea is always a highlight of the weekend for me. Afterward we retreated to S&J’s for pancake lunch and more chatting.  I spent the rest of the day on my own with the hounds and the kitties. We did laundry, cleaned the house. rearranged furniture, read and tried to pick a colour pallet for the spare room with is being transformed into my yoga space. Not a rough day to be sure. The weekend has been delightful, now if only I could carry that feeling through the week with me. I know something has to give, I just don’t know what it is. When I figure it out I will share it with you. 


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