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Here’s To A New Adventure!


Today I have SO much to be thankful for I hardly know where to start…

I am supremely grateful to my awesome husband who wholly supports my decisions, encourages me to take risks and is holding down the financial fort for a little while until my pay checks start rolling in again.

I am grateful to the good friends and former managers and employers who said such wonderful things about me. I hope to live up to all your praise.

I am grateful to my amazing former boss, Melanie, who helped me to grow into the strong confidant woman/employee I am. She did this by challenging me, engaging me, but mostly by having faith me. That means more than I can ever tell you. I give you a life time of friendship and loyalty in return.

A million thanks to Gwen, Wanda, Denise, Randy & Sean, for muddling these last few months with me. I hope beyond hope that you all find something that makes you happy and is worthy of you.

I am grateful for the sunshine that I get to enjoy for the next few days until I start on the next chapter on my career life.

Most of all I am grateful to myself, for taking a chance, for being brave enough to listen to the voice in my head that told me that life is too short to spend every day doing something you hate.





Of Music and Men


Last night I was laying in bed listening to my iPod. I discovered that concentrating on the music made my nausea abate. Music has been a constant source of comfort in my life, but last night when I was listening to my “best of the best” playlist I noticed that all of my most beloved comfort music has a direct coloration to a man. I have been blessed in my life to cross paths with some extraordinary men. Some of them are members of my family, some were crushes, some lovers, some dared to venture in to the hot, unholy mess that is a relationship with me. Each of them has left in turn a mark on my life, almost always for the better. Some girls collect t-shirts or sweaters from their exes, some keep books, I know one girl who seems to always end up with a pet. For me it is music, making the sound track of my life deep and rich and more eclectic.  So thank you to those boys and those men, thank you for the mixed tapes and the “you gotta just hear this riff…”.

Thank you to my brother Deedee for The Beatles, Joni, Simon & Garfunkel, Les Mis, The Lemonheads and so many more.

Thank you my big brother Mike for AC/DC, Kiss and Metalica and more recently Cage the Elephant.

Thank you Paul D. for Jimi and Stevie, for Miles and Maceo. Thank you for Lucky Peterson and Eric Clapton, for Tom Petty and the Stones. Like all teenage love the list is endless but thank you most especially John Prine.

Thank you Andrew from Down Under for U2 and Red Hot Chili Peppers, for Pop Will Eat Itself and Nirvana. Thank you as well for continuing to share new music with me, 20 years later you still never miss a beat.

Thank  you Adam, king of “the table” for The Cure, The Clash, The Doors & The Pixies. Thank you for Be Good Tanyas and Smashing Pumpkins. Thanks for Jane’s Addiction and Porno for Pyros, Sound Garden and Pearl Jam.

Thank you Kevin, who makes the ocean seem much smaller, for Francis Dunnery and It Bites. Those tunes changed my life. Thank you for Nancy Griffith and like it or not for Roy Orbison.

Thank you roommate Rob for Bob Marley’s Redemption Song, talk about a gateway drug! Thank you for Suzanne Vega and for making Randy Travis as cool as Motorhead.

And of course thank you to my amazing husband who hears music the same way he thinks, like a genius. Thank you baby for Primus and Rush. Thank you for Our Lady Peace and I Mother Earth (I know what patience that has taken).  Thank you for Nine Inch Nails and Tool. Thank you for Mad Capsule Market and Johnny Cash’s American Recordings. Thank you for Holocene and “the banger channel”.  Thanks for slow dancing in the kitchen to Sting, you are the best dance partner a girl could ever ask for.

PS I will never thank you for Austrian Death Machine, ever.   😉



Let’s Talk About My Favorite Thing… ME!


I haven’t talked much lately about my weight loss or my health goals. There are two reasons for this, the first is that I don’t want to get boring on you, I have to keep you coming back for more.  The second is that I haven’t had much to say, I hit 40 lbs and then hit a wall. Not literally of course but but I got into a a rut of gaining a pound, losing a pound, over and over and over. I started feeling really despondent. I was living and dying by the numbers on the scale, despite the fact that I am feeling healthier than I have in years.

I tried a bunch of stuff to see if I could get those numbers to change. I knocked out carbs for a week, I tried cutting out meat (mostly)…

no carbs

no meat2

At the same time I started adding more activity, I had resumed running plus I threw in a bike. I started back to dodge ball, plus when the weather is fine I have been out in the yard.  The numbers haven’t been moving but I FEEL good, my body feels good, but mentally, emotionally I was starting to feel slammed.

At the same time I started doing a lot of reading, a lot of thinking and a lot of talking, mostly with my trusted adviser, Gil.  I started to explore the idea that maybe I need a new metric to measure my success. For nine months the only thing I have cared about is seeing the number go down. That is what I am supposed to care about right?  And I do still care, I am not giving up on weight loss as a goal. HOWEVER, for the time being I have decided to not make the number the priority. I have decided to seek out a new metric.

I am going to continue eat well, I am going to find new and healthier foods and recipes. I am going to add more activity to my life. I am going to find more ways to to get out, get moving, get physical.  I am going to continue to find a way to find peace and serenity in my life, a way to have my spirit in balance with the rest of me.  I am going to work and sweat and play and cook and eat and garden and spend time foster relationships with people I love. But for the time being what I am not going to do is step on the scale. When I went for my pre-admission check up at the hospital earlier this week I met with an anesthesiologist who told me  “Girl you are healthy!” My blood pressure is fine, my heart rate is fine. I don’t have any major health concerns. I don’t take any medication beyond a regular dose of Advil for my recovering ankle and a multivitamin. I can’t begin to tell you how happy it made me to hear her say that.  My last round of blood tests my blood sugar was totally normal, my cholesterol was fine.  I am over weight but I am healthy and that is what matters the most.  I want to love me the way I am, no matter what that means.


Hey Thursday!? Thank You!!


It’s been a while since I took the time to show some gratitude. Despite my best effort I haven’t been maintaining the regular blog schedule that I wanted. But what can I say, life has a habit of not happening on a schedule. 🙂 

So let make with the gratitude already!

I am grateful that my father in law is home, safe, sound and healing. I love him very much!



I am beside myself with gratitude for the little bit of Spring weather we had this week



I am giddy with delight and thanks for the new juicer my husband was able to get me with his Aeroplan miles.