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Day 92 – No spring nor summer’s beauty hath such grace As I have seen in one Autumnal face…. ~John Donne


Today was a perfect day. Perfect fall weather, perfect sunshine! Perfect cup of joe on my way to work with my altogether perfect husband, Work was great, with a healthy amount of giggles with co-workers. I got zero house work done but I did get to spend the evening a perfect little chubby baby boy.  I am going to bed happy.




Day 93 – As long as I have the support and respect of my teammates, that’s all I can ask for~ Darren Flutie



Growing up I wasn’t what you would call a social child. My dearest mother, who as you know I revere as a saint, forced me, sometime physically to attend Brownies for one year. It was brutal! I never tried out for any team sports in part because we moved so much that I was never at one school long enough and also in part because I would have had to remove my nose from a book for a moment.

By high school I was “way too cool for sports, plus I smoked which impedes a lot of physical activity. And so I became a non-sporting person. That was just my lot in life.

When Gil decided to start playing dodgeball a few years ago I expected it to be one of his many obsessions, which are often intense but fairly short lived so I smiled indulgently and said “That’s nice dear” a lot. But as time went on he just got more into it. He talked all the time about all these cool new friends he made, he started being SOCIAL!!  Truth be told I was a little envious of what he had found and a little nervous of all they pretty dodge-babes he was spending so much time with.  So last September when I was discovering the joy of exercise I asked Gil if I could come to dodgeball with him and to my delight he was really glad to have me tag along. Now please keep in mind that I started this venture to get a little exercise and to keep an eye on all those hussies who might be eyeing my man, I had no idea what I was in for; because what I found was so very much more!

I was embraced immediately by a community. Sure there were times and people that I have found frustrating but it has been the exception rather than the rule. The people who have come into my life have been kind, warm and generous. To that end, when a last minute call went out in the middle of the week for a charity dodgeball event today this amazing community jumped on it. The tournament was to raise money for a pretty incredible young man named Ryan Miler, you can read his story here.  Our dodgeball comrades managed to pull together some teams with pretty short notice, then they dragged their butts to the gym in Prospect in the wee hour of the morning…


Some people were gracious about it than others. This is Gil and I leaving the house at 6:45am on a Sunday morning…

We started playing at 8:30 and played right through until 1:30.  Everyone who came played with pure joy, knowing that at the end of the day the real winner would be Ryan. We had an amazing time, introduced to newbies to the game and raised some money for a very worthy cause. I am so very proud to be a member of this community!

Image Team FusterCluck! Those are my peeps!


A well earned pint with friends after all was said and done!

Now if you will excuse me I rolled an ankle in the last game and my whole body feels like I was hit by a really fun fright train so I am going to take some Advil and shuffle my old lady ass off to bed.  See you on the court!

94 Days – The Saturday Slalom


Well I really packed a lot into today,  Gil and I were up bright and early with tons of things to do. We kicked off with breakfast and then groceries together. I love going to get groceries with my baby, he makes it so fun, we always end up laughing so much.

After groceries I dropped Gil back at home and went to do my errands. It was a beautiful sunny day so I decided to start with something that I have been procrastinating doing. Today would have been my Father’s birthday so I decided that I would finally go to his grave. I hadn’t been there yet, my father and I had … well we didn’t have any relationship. The bits in between not speaking for years at a time were full of awful. Still when I found out he was gone it threw me for a very big loop.  It has continued to throw loops at me in the months that have followed. Every time I have planned to go I have bailed, but today there was something in the air, and it was his birthday.  The whole graveside thing was awkward and I won’t go into the details but I am glad that I went, the wait of not going was oppressive.

After the graveyard I went to the hospital to pick up my radioactive Kool-aid.


I have a CAT scan coming up on Thursday and I have to drink this toxic concoction before hand so they can take pictures of my innards. I am thinking of making cosmos with it, a spoon full of citrus vodka, 2 parts cranberry juice, 1 part triple sec, 1 part lime juice helps the medicine go down.  I was pretty cranky at the hospital because I had to go, pay for parking so I could run into to xray department.  I had no choice but to go and get the stuff, they can’t do the test without it, so I had to pay $2.00 to run in for less than 5 minutes. I had no change so I had to pay $1.50 to take a twenty out of the crappy ATM and THEN the parking machine would not except the new polymer bill!!  In the end a cute old lady volunteer helped me get out of the parking lot. Her sweetness made the whole situation much better.

The hospital was followed by a trip to the mall, a disappointing trip to Target but a fun trip to Winners.

This afternoon I cleared a bunch of things off of my MASSIVE fall cleaning list. I will have this clean and ready to party soon!

Tonight Gil and I had an AMAZING sushi dinner at Wasabi House with some wonderful friends who we don’t get to see often enough. The food was amazing and more than worth the long line and lack of personal space.


Tonight I made dinner for tomorrow because it is going to be such a busy day! I made pulled pork sandwiches in the slow cooker and hot damn does this house smell good! Now I am chilling in bed with a new season of Drop Dead Diva! Shoot I am SO tired. And just think tomorrow is going to be even BUSIER! 🙂

Day 96 – Dear Wheels, Where did you?


So remember yesterday when I said how good I was doing? HA! Wow did I crash out today!  I don’t know if it’s hormones or if I slept poorly last night DAMN today I was an emotional mess. Every mean customer made me run crying to my husband about hard my life is. Woe is me!!  It is hard for me to know some times if I am really frustrated or just tired. I wish I could get out of my own head! Look at me on the fast train to crazy town!

But the day was not without merit. I got to sleep in a bit this morning, Gil and I hung out in bed an extra half hour and talked about what’s coming down the pipe. I still managed to get a few things completed before I got out the door. When I came home from work he was in the kitchen making me dinner. We had a lovely evening eating and playing chess while I made cupcakes. I love down time with my sweet hubby, maybe one day we can have a whole day together!





I must say I *LOVE* getting things done! I have been so good for the last few days. The house is looking good, but god how do two grown adults and one teenager who is never home create SO much laundry? I am washing, drying, folding and putting away load after load and it just never seems to end!  But everything else is really just clicking.

Last night I mentioned that I had done the prep-work to make some soup. This morning I got up and threw it all together and tonight when I came home I was greeted by the smell of the most amazing meal, all ready to be served up! Honest to god, it was SO damn good!  I am actually very proud of myself for this… check it out!


Look What I Can Do!!

I have noticed that all these things are really helping with my mood. Work, though stressful has been more enjoyable. It helps that I have such great coworkers. Today I laughed so hard I almost wet myself at my desk.

It is the small joys that matter, small joy like…



Day 98 – Getting a rhythm


So this week I am working the late shift at work, 11am – 8pm. I’ll be honest, it’s not my favorite shift however I must say I am super productive on these mornings. I mean let’s face it, there is no way my body is going to let me sleep in so I am up moving at 7am which give me three solid hours to get stuff accomplished. By the time I left for work today the kitchen was clean, the dishes were done,  I had washed and folded another load of laundry, tidied the laundry room, the bed was made, and the kitties and hounds were fed.  All of which made my evening so much easier. I had to stop and the grocery store to restock on some essentials (the human eating machine whose name starts with K and rhymes with Ian is gonna have to start chipping in on groceries or I am going to be in the poor house!)  but I was home by 8:45 and dinner was ready by 9, oh thank you left overs!  Then while I watched an episode of those lovely Winchester boys I did all the prep to make soup in the slow cooker tomorrow! Everything is chopped and ready to go and the beans are soaking in the fridge. It will be my first bean soup so I am excited and nervous.  I will let you know tomorrow how it turns out.

All told it was a productive day, there were no grand adventures but I feel like I am getting more organized and that is SO important as we head into this colder darker time year. One of the best ways for me to fend of the winter blues is by being organized and prepared!   You know what else helps with the S.A.D? Cute kitties!!