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Day 65 – I want a man who’s kind and understanding. Is that too much to ask of a millionaire? ~Zsa Zsa Gabor


If you have followed my blog at all you know I am truly, madly and deeply in love with my husband, but I don’t want you to mistake that for some kind of idolization. My man is amazing but not without flaws. Take for example the following conversation…

Sweetie: I started playing Saints Row 3 last night!

Me: Oh? How is it?

Sweetie: It’s AWESOME! I got to beat a man to death with a giant purple dildo!

Me: …

Sweetie: AWESOME!!

So at times like that I find two things helpful, a good sense of humor and a healthy fantasy life.  I happen to have both!

Aimee and I were taking in the car yesterday about our Freebie List a concept made famous by Friends in 1996.  Aimee was laughing at me because I had a hard time picking my five because even in my fantasy i don’t want to tear up a family or cause strife in my own marriage but with Aimee’s help I picked 5 celebrities who I would at least have coffee with and maybe go to second base.

1.  Carmine GiovinazzoImage

I have been watching a lot of CSI New York lately and what’s not to love? The accent, the glasses, the eyes! Yeah I wouldn’t kick him out of my bed for eating Cannoli.

2. Kevin Smith


Smart, funny and a geek?!  “Controversial’ as we all know, is often a euphemism for ‘interesting and intelligent.”

3. Anderson Cooper


The Silver Fox! Well, I did say it is a fantasy!

4. Jensen Ackles


Dear Jensen, I love you. Also could you tell Jared to get a hair cut? Thanks!

5. Shemar Moore


 My all time number one crush! Not only is he sexy but he is funny, he loves his dogs and worships his momma.

What more can you ask for in one package?

Day 66 – For my Aimee


Thank you for being a friend
Traveled down the road and back again
Your heart is true, you’re a pal and a confidant.
And if you threw a party
Invited everyone you knew
You would see the biggest gift would be from me
And the card attached would say thank you for being a friend.


It’s a rare and beautiful thing to find a friend who just GETS you; with whom you can be utterly yourself.

Thank you Aimee for the laughs and the tears, the songs and the silences.

Thank you for fjords and clouds and your wild imagination.

Thank you for always having my back, even when I am wrong.

Thanks for the creepy bus and your cat like reflexes on the brakes.

Thanks for the last 12 years of crazy friendship and thanks for the next 40!



Day 67 – BFFFE weekend part 2


Today was a good day which included sleeping in (for me, not so much for Aimee), bacon and eggs for breakfast, the farmers market in Antigonish, a lovely fall walk (no where near the woods because it is the first Saturday of hunting season) drinking red wine, bbqjng in the freezing cold, keeping the fire stoked so we don’t freeze to death, eating Häagen-Dazs while finally catching up on Glee and crying so hard our faces went numb.  Yeah, this was a good day!


Thank you sweet baby jesus for the wood stove, without which we would be frozen BFFFE-sicles.


Leaf peeping? Yeah, it’s a thing!


Drunk and in a “ditch” but ever safety vigilant. Mr. Safety would be proud!



Hello from the country! I will make this short and sweet because I have some shenanigans to get up to. Aimee and I jumped in the car and ran away!  We were LONG over due for some best friend bonding time without the distractions of husbands, pets, teenagers, mothers in law or house work.  We discovered by AWESOME coincidence that it takes almost exactly one rousing round of Buffy’s Once More With Feeling and one VERY amusing round of the original London production of Les Mis to get to the “cottage”. I have never sung so loudly, so off key or with so much gusto in my life. Good times!!

We got here and got a fire going which is great because we can’t seem to get the furnace or the hot water on our team. We split up the creepy chores, Aimee got basement and I got dead mice and spiders. I am pretty sure I got the better end of that deal.

Tonight we are gonna…. do what ever we wants!




We have determined that we could comfortably sleep 22 people in this place… we are sharing a bed in case we get scared or lonely. BFFFE!

Day 69 – We should not only use the brains we have, but all that we can borrow. ~Woodrow Wilson


Every day when I come home I give a full diatribe to my adoring husband. He listens patiently as I describe the antics of my work day. When I am done venting I take a deep breath and say “and how was your day sweetie?” Then my husband talks and I do my damnedest to listen. It’s not that I am uninterested, not at all. The problem is that my sweet adoring husband thinks I am as smart as him and the truth is, I’m really not. He starts sloshing around all the alphabet soup that is so familiar to him and within a few syllables I am lost . I can usually follow along well enough to throw in the appropriate platitude based on his tones and how many times he’s dropped and F-bomb. In truth it’s not important for me to understand what he is saying what’s important is that he knows I genuinely care how his day went. And actually over the course of a decade I have learned a thing or two. For example tonight my sweet man was describing what had kept him at the office until 8 pm and as he is talking he turns to me and says “… a hook flash. You know what a hook flash is RIGHT?” See, there is that faith again that I am able to play in the same ball field as him. He’s not be patronizing either, he just thinks other people have the same level of strange knowledge floating around in their beans.  I let him know that I have several ideas of what a hook flash might be but most of my thoughts involve a trench coat and Peyronie’s disease.  But my amazing man patiently explains to me what a hook flash really is, never dumbing it down but still making the info accessible, answering my questions carefully and when he was done I feel smarter and that is satisfying.

I still only understand about 6% of what he tells me but I sure love that he keeps trying. ❤