June 6/12 – Bye Bye Bacon, See You Soon Chicken!


When I was hatching my plans to do 12 in 12 the very first thing on my list was to go vegetarian for a month. Don’t get me wrong, I love meat and I don’t think that I could ever switch forever but vegetarianism is certainly something I have always been interested in. I have certainly had my share of exposure over the years, many of my close friends are or have been vegetarian.

So here is how it will break down for the next month.

1.I will be following a ovo-lacto vegetarian diet. Which means I will still be eating eggs and dairy but abstaining from eating any animal flesh with the exception of on meal a week which will include fish. I know this is not consider “true¬†vegetarianism” in some circles but I refused to be pigeon holed by other peoples ideals.

2. I will try and educate myself in veggie issues. I have no moral stance about meat or meat eating but I will do some reading on the subject and share the process with you. I promise not to preach at all.

3. I will live like a vegetarian, which means learning to read labels to find hidden animal products and see what challenges vegetarians face eating out.

4. My husband is free to eat whatever he wants, I never force him to participate in my crazy ideas but I am only making one meal at dinner so if he wants meat he has to fend for himself.

5. I will eat try and eat as well rounded meals as I can. I know lots of vegetarians who eat crappy diets. PB&J for a month won’t cut it. I need meals that make me feel satisfied and healthy.


Ohai Veggies! Let's be friends!!!

Ohai Veggies! Let’s be friends!!!



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