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Core Muscles!


So you may or may not know I had some pretty invasive surgery last month. It was never going to be EASY but some things happened in the course of the operation that have made my recovery longer and more painful than I anticipated. I am not mad at the complications, I am not casting dispersion on the team who operated on me, they were fantastic and sometimes shit just happens, blame does not help anyone. However the operation that I ended up having involved them moving around a bunch of my internal organs and cutting threw many of my core muscles. 

Supposedly under my fluff I look like this guy!

Supposedly under my fluff I look like this guy!

Your core muscles might be something that you largely ignore unless you are into fitness, working our or Jensen Ackles six pack. I certainly haven’t paid much notice to my core muscles in the last 39 years, they have just sort of … been there. Until now that is! I have discovered there is a reason they call them CORE, it’s not to be cute, it is no misnomer, these muscles are used for EVERYTHING. Here is a list of things that I either have difficulty with or straight up can’t do while my body is repairing it’s self:

  • grate cheese
  • tie my shoes
  • fold laundry
  • chop a sweet potato
  • sneeze
  • roll over in bed
  • wash my hair
  • sit for extended periods
  • stand for extended periods
  • brush the cats
  • laugh
  • open our freezer
  • make the bed
  • see my toes when standing
  • shave my legs
  • hug
  • get on the doctors table
  • get off the doctors table
  • beat an egg
  • set the table
  • drive the car
  • passenge in the car
  • snuggle my dogs     

It’s a pretty random list and that’s not even exhaustive! A month into the healing process I still feel extremely limited in my day to day life. I never imagined it would take THIS long for my body to heal. I have tried very hard to be patient but it is hard, I want my life back. I want to go to work, I want to hang out with my friends without being sore and exhausted. I want to get a night of sleep. I want to pull weeds in the garden and load the dishwasher without help (Yeah add load the dishwasher to that list!) I want to go for a swim with my best friend and cuddle my new great niece but I can’t because she weighs more than 5lbs.

I knew this process was going to be hard, but I knew it in my head, I didn’t know it in my heart, I didn’t know it in my core muscles.                                                                                                     





I hate that is considered so gauche to talk about money. Personally I feel like it is one of those secrets we keep that make us feel dirty and alone so I am go to talk about my money and I invite you to join the conversation. I myself am CRAP with money, it runs through my fingers like water. Growing up no one talked about paying bills or making ends meet. My parents we middle class suburbanites and you did NOT talk about this stuff, especially with your kids and from 13 on I was in care and back then (I am hoping this has changed) there was no kind of education for youth in care about how to tackle these challenges. I have gotten better over the years, in large part with the help of my husband and the development of some impulse control. But I still find myself drowning in Visa debt and my line of credit so I have decided to step up and start living within my means.

debt 1

The container on the left contains my actually frozen credit card which shall remain there until it is paid off. The cart in my combined credit card on LOC debt. I love a visual reminder of what I am doing, it keeps me motivated.  I am going to engage in an experiment to live more frugally, not cheap but within my means. I will continue talking about what I do, what I try and how successful I am. Damn the social niceties!