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Oh Dear Gawd!


So the coaches are heading out of town for the long weekend and rather than leave me to my own devices we decided that Coach C and I would get together this morning at 9am to get in my last run for the week. More the fool am I! It was the hella hard run because I was still tired from the night before. About 1k in I was pretty much convinced I was going to quit but I somehow found the will to keep going.  Thanks Coach C, I know I would not have finished today without you.

I dragged my sweaty self home right in time for about 1 million things to happen at once which meant I did not get a chance to change or have a shower before my 11am at the dentist. My poor hygienist, she is probably the most patient woman on the planet.

By the time I stopped moving today I realized I had dodgeball at 9 so I might as well stay in my stinky clothes. Speaking of dodgeball I played my first proper game in 7 months tonight. We were short handed so I played more than I was hoping to but man it was a good work out. Nothing makes you feel old and fat like running around a court throwing balls at each other.

So by 10pm I had run 2k, cleaned a house, had my teeth cleaned and played an hour of dodgeball all in the same shirt I wore for my run last night. Yeah I pretty much planning on burning that shirt.  I am exhausted, beyond sore and probably clinically insane but I am also very happy off my ass and moving again. Someday it won’t hurt so much… right?!


Week One – Run Two


I am so very tired but I wanted to give a quick update that I got my second run in this week. Coach C and went out tonight and it was a good run, a better run than Sunday for sure. My legs are burning and feet aching but I am happy, all progress is good.


Cowards die many times before their deaths, the valiant never taste death but once. –Julius Ceaser



Well today was a long time coming. I have been watching my running gear gather dust for more than 16 months. It seems like  anytime I thought about lacing back up something in my world went to hell. Certainly in the last 9 months, since my gall bladder unexpectedly decided to vacate my body, I have been as inactive as I have ever been but I have reached once of those points, something has to give, something has to change.  I love my body, I am so appreciative of it and all it has been through this year, I have to take care of it so I can be around to annoy you all a lot longer.

I came so close to not going today. I slept like crap and nerves were getting the best of me. IT was a cold damp morning but I had made a commitment to my coaches/buddies and I hate being a person who shirks from commitment.

I pulled on some “work out” clothes, of course forgetting everything I ever learned about breathable fabrics and layering, and nervously made my way to meet my team at the Running Room.  We were starting from scratch, square one, the start line. That means an interval of 2:1, walking to running. It was not has difficult as I remember it being the very first time but I’ll tell you is was not easy. I had the wrong shoes on, the wrong clothes and I am SO out of shape. But you know what? I did it, start to finish and I am proud of that. Complacency is easy but there is no satisfaction in it.

Thanks to my awesome husband for all his support. And thanks to the best team ever, Mrs. Coach is the best running buddy/coach a girl could as for and Coach D is a phenomenal cheerleader. They both a top human beings in my book.

She looked like autumn, when leaves turned and fruit ripened. ~Sarah Addison Allen


Without a doubt this has been a summer of utter chaos. It was all at once long and terribly difficult and entirely too short. But fall is here and I am in good health. Like the maple trees in my yard I am ready to shed the old to make way for the new. A new chapter in my life has begun and it has not been without growing pains. There have been many sad and frustrating moments in the past few weeks. Some relationships broken and some bent badly and tentatively hanging on. I genuinely want the best for everyone, even those who don’t know it. I hope I can express that desire through my thoughts and deeds.

On the other hand new connections have been formed, new opportunities made with doors and windows to the future flung wide open. Many of my closest friendships have been strengthened and deepened by the tests we have been put through is the past few months.  I am ready to move on, move forward with my held high. Great things are happening for me, I have a lot to be grateful for and a lot to be proud of and I hope there is a lot more success coming my way.  I am going to spend the next few days having some much needed time with my loving husband who has been more than tolerant over the last few days, weeks months. I honestly could not imagine a better partner. He has endured my recovery, my insecurities and uncertainties and asked for so little in return. Our wedding anniversary is in a few days and we have taken some time to be together, having fun and enjoying each others company. We have got the “in sickness” part down pretty well, it is time for us to enjoy some of the “in health” perks.

My quiet hiatus is over. I will be back soon with lots more tales to share.