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Day 29 – I left the house !!!!



My husband was heading out to meet a friend at a coffee shop this evening and I basically begged to come along.  “You’ll be bored” he said “we’re just going to talk about armour.” Said like someone who actually leaves the house every day.
I love working from home  but it does tend to be isolating. If I don’t make the effort I can easily go 5 days without leaving our property. The potential for going shack wacky is just too great. So he relented and let me tag along.  A good thing too since a communication error meant that he and his pal ended up in different coffee shops. We ended up having an impromptu coffee date followed by a delish pizza date at a place we hadn’t tried before. We had a great chat, loads of laughs and a wonderful unplanned night. Fortune clearly favours those who put on pants.

What I Am Reading – Beethoven’s Hair



I wanted to love this book so much. The subject was awesome. The journey of a lock of Beethoven’s hair from his death bed to America and the lives it touched along the way.  Beethoven’s life is very interesting. I was particularly interested in the story of how the hair was handed down and the part it played in WWII and the Danish resistance to the Nazi’s. The elements were there for an amazing story.

Sadly all these cool elements could not make up for the writer. The sentence structures were awkward. The story rambles all over the place, so much so that the author often retraces his steps over and over and over. Yes that fact IS interesting Mr. Martin but you did not need to share it 17 times. By the end I was so frustrated with re-reading things that I had already been told that I just plowed through to find out if the scientific testing actually ended with any profound conclusions, I mean it’s right there on the cover of the book “A scientific mystery solved”. Spoiler Alert! **** Nothing is solved!!

So this book may have encouraged me to listen to more Beethoven but it is still going to the donation bag.  Sorry Mr. Martin.

DAY 27 – It Does The Body Good



There are times when cutting out back on the soda pop is MUCH harder than others.  Today I had a long shift at work covering the storm. Normally it would be a 5+ can day for my good ol’ diet coke but today I had none. I don’t even have any in the house.  Instead I had tea, water, Powerade and my favorite new treat, an ice cold glass of 1% chocolate milk. Mmmmmmm!

Ponderings Of A Plus Sized Princess


So if you haven’t already read my manifesto for 2015, the year in which I turned 40, I will give you a brief synopsis. I WANT TO DO EVERYTHING. The manifesto is a list of 100 things I want to accomplish this year, big things, small things, habits, chores, adventures. But one thing you won’t find there are the words “I want to lose weight”.  If some of the healthy things I do this year lead to weight loss that is just great, but it will be a byproduct of getting healthier, not the the goal itself. Yes, I am a big girl! I have curves and rolls and things jiggle and that is okay. I am not going to let my dress size dictate my happiness. I am also a fun girl, a sexy girl, a smart girl, a compassionate girl and a crazy girl. To me THOSE are qualities that matter. I recognize that accepting my body as it is will not always be easy. I know there will be days I look in the mirror and I don’t like what I see. Guess what? That wouldn’t change if I weighed 125lbs. There are some people who won’t understand my journey to self love and acceptance. There are people who will think I am Pro-fat or that I am promoting an unhealthy life style. Let me be clear I am totally Pro-ME!  I am pro-LOVE!  I am pro-Self Acceptance! I am pro-Empowerment. That’s what I am. So I am going to talk more about the issues I face in the world a Plus Sized Princess. I am going to share things that make me uncomfortable, sad, angry or happy.  I am going be open about my health both physical and mental. But I am not going to apologize for being fat. I am not going stop asking to see people who look like me in advertising. I am not going hide my sexy girly side because it doesn’t fit in the mold that society says it should.

Baring all this in mind I want to share with you a little something.  I am in the market for some new clothes.  Since I started working from home I basically live in my yoga pants. When I DO go out I want to wear something fun, something comfortable and something that I haven’t been wearing for 3 three days already 😉  My BFFFE and I are heading to Toronto for an all girl adventure extravaganza in March and I was hoping to find a few cute outfits to take along.  Finding plus size clothing that is in my price range and does not look like it was bedazzled by a colour blind drunk toddler can sometimes be a challenge so I decided to give online shopping a try. With a little help from Google I found a nice list someone had compiled of good websites that are either Canadian or at least ship to Canada. Because it was alphabetical the first site listed was Alloy. The front page showed some lovely clothes so I was feeling pretty hopeful as I navigated to their plus sized department.  At first I thought I made a mistake, clicked on a wrong link but when I came back the plus sized site a second time I realized the mistake was NOT mine. This is what I was looking at …. with some modifications made by yours truly.




Yeah, not a truly plus sized model to be found.  I have absolutely no problem with thin women, please don’t misunderstand the point I am trying to make here. I think all bodies are beautiful BUT if I am going to spend $55 on a gorgeous blue angel sleeve dress, I want to know what it looks like on someone who has a tummy. Yes it looks great on the girl who is wearing a size 4 but what does that tied waist look like on a size 18?  Yes there is a plus sized model at the top but I went through EVERY article listed for sale on this site and not ONE,  NOT ONE piece of clothing was being shown on a plus sized model. NOT ONE!!   I can not be the only person who has a problem with that. So despite the fact that Alloy Plus and some nice looking clothes, they won’t be getting my money. I just can’t justify supporting a site who thinks that kind of representation is okay.