Monthly Archives: February 2015

Day 58 – I love getting stuff in the mail!!!






The most extraordinary thing happened to me today, I got a birthday gift in the mail!!! I haven’t seen the person who sent it to me in at least a decade, she is a friend from university who I keep up with on Facebook. She saw something, thought of me and sent it. How amazing is that? And it is SO COOL!!! Doctor Who goodies are always welcome but this little Adipose is a stress squeezer!! I can keep him on my desk and give him a pinch when customers start to fray my nerves.   I am so very pleased. Thank you so much T.E.  you are a wonder.



The Forty Files – WEEK SEVEN


This has been a TOTAL mixed bag of a week.  Work and weather sucked beyond!! I am so sick of winter. I am just miserable with the wet and the cold and storms.

On the other hand I have had a great week in terms of my list and of course the list is what it’s all about!!


I got to let my crafty diva out AND knock something off my Militant Baker list when I made my new sparkly rib cage shirt!


Gil and I bought ourselves a sewing machine!! We are both going to take a call at Atlantic Fabrics in the spring. We got a great deal on it so we picked it up now and we are going to install it in our new craft room when we are finished the renovations in the basement.  We’re going to rock this!

I got a massage on Saturday morning and I became a member at Massage Addicts so I have the motivation to keep up with the monthly massages!


I hosted a very successful girls night which was so much fun. I love my girl friends!! I hope we have a lot more of these!

Oh!! and the dental hygienist said she could totally tell I had been flossing!!

And I got a bunch more done in the basement, I think by the end of March we will be able to put in the new floor. It would be sooner but Aimee and I leave in 11 DAYS!!!