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What I am Reading…. I heart Robert J Sawyer


So I am a little bit tired today because I stayed up WAY too late with my nose stuffed in a book. This happens every time I read Robert J Sawyer. I just cannot put him down.


There are lots of reasons why I love this author starting with his commitment to staying true to his Canadian heritage. He builds stories based in Canada in settings that are familiar to me, with strong Canadian protagonists who talk about issues and politics relevant to me.
I also love that his science fiction is not so…. out there. It it real life with a twist, almost plausible. He questions the ethics and responsibilities of technology and the social impacts of advancement.  He gives his readers a compelling look at what humanity might look like to outsiders. His characters feel like REAL people.
This book made new laugh, cry and curse in anger. It made me think about my life and my marriage in a way I have never done before. What more could you want in a book? Not much  which is why I give this book two huge thumbs up and I am putting it back on the shelf to read again or lend to a friend.

The Forty Files – Week 12 – Good, Bad and Ugly


This week has been a big step forward in my noggin. There have been some down bits for sure but on the whole things are getting better. I found a trick and I don’t mind sharing. It is something I have always loved anyway… I made lists!

Each day I made a list, at least 1 thing, yes there is such a thing a list of one thing, with a maximum of six things. I made it easy, manageable tasks like make the bed, do one load of laundry, respond to the email I’ve been ignoring… The successful completion of these tasks give me the feeling of accomplishment that is contagious. I feel good about myself and at the same time my life slowly but surely comes back together.


Making  the bed was on my list everyday, such a small task but it helps so much.

Also it makes my cats easier to see which is nice.

Anyway it is working. Despite the weather and ending up in the ER with a really shitty burn effectively taking #26 off my manifesto, I am still in really improving spirits. The days are getting longer, I just KNOW that real spring is just around the corner. Things are coming together!!  Stay tuned, there are some big things coming as soon, just as soon as my hand is all healed up.

What I am Reading – SHARP RIGHT TURN


Okay last year we had a book sale at work to raise money for some charity and I picked up and hand full of books including this one…


I confess, I picked it purely because at first glance the cover looked interesting.  After I finished Reaper Man I though I could use a but of a cotton candy read so I grabbed this bad boy. Oh boy, it’s bad!  But it is bad in the MOST delightful way. The thing is the author can write, I mean it, he is good. On a number of occasions I actually gasped, like out loud. But that could not erase the shoddy editing.  In the beginning I felt like the author had read a Dan Brown book and thought “Hey, I could do that!”. But as I read along I found myself unable to put the book down. I mean I was so interested that I stayed up reading until my eyes burned and I could hardly hold them open. I just needed to know WHO DUN IT?!!

Don’t get too worked up for the Masonic aspect that is clearly being advertised on the cover, it is a very minuscule part of the book, and certainly not the best part. I give this book one hearty thumbs up, it was fun but I am still going to donate it because this kind of who dun it isn’t never as much fun to read after you know the answer.