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The Forty Files – Week 16


Last week I couldn’t write an update. Last week I had so much in my head I couldn’t find the words and some stuff isn’t for public consumption. Mostly I have no problem about my life and my issues in this public form but not all issues are mine alone, sometimes I have to step back to respect other people. That is were I was for week 15. But week 16 things are coming back around to normal, or as normal as things ever really get. Work is moving into a busier, stressier season and my damn cold still lingers but beyond that I had a week that was full of fun things. A few dates with my husband, a cooking class, a great massage, a fantastic yoga class, some nerdary, breakfast with some of my favorite girls, some real quality time with my BFFFE, my big brother Mike, my nephew Austin PLUS an unplanned family dinner to celebrate my brother Phil’s birthday.  I have been getting out of the house more and more with is really good since I think the being home ALL the time thing has been having a real impact on my mental health. My husband suggested that maybe working at home wasn’t working for me for that reason but I am not ready to give up just yet. I need to get my self on a schedule, I need the structure of a routine and maybe if I can really get one down solidly before next winter then I won’t go so far off the rails.

I am excited about some of the things that are coming up, May is shaping up to be a big month. I look forward to being too busy to waste time sitting on the sofa binge watching Netflix. I look forward to being in my yard, to spending time outside, to moving my body more, to breathing fresh air, to being so tired I just fall into bed exhausted instead of laying there with my brain chugging away.  I look forward to hanging clothes on the line and finally laying the floor on the basement. There is an awful lot of good out there for me to enjoy if I can just get my brain engaged and working correctly, and I might need some help with that, help from friends, help from professionals but I am going to get there because I already have the most important thing, the will and desire.


Cooking class at Eats!


Not a flattering picture of me but I was letting my great niece take a selfie of the three of us. Me, My sister E, and great niece K.


My mom’s chickens. They are dumb but they lay some fine eggs.