Monthly Archives: August 2015

Day 242 – Striking more things off my manifesto!


Manifesto item #85 I want to do something fun and funky with my hair.  I have had a safe brown pony tail for way too long. It is time to try and shake things up. Worst case scenario I hate it, so what? Hair grows.


I honestly could not tell you the last time I had a hair cut. Certainly more than a year ago. Potentially more than two years ago. I knew it was time for a trim. However I have had an idea building since my trip to Toronto in March.  I noticed in a picture JUST how grey my hair is now and I started toying with the idea of just going grey gracefully, I actually kind of like the silver colour. I wanted to wait until after Floyd and Mark’s wedding so I would have lots of up-do hair but it’s over and now seems as good a time as any to make the leap.  It is a BIG adjustment but I think it qualifies as both fun AND funky!