January 24th – A Good Weekend



Before heading to the market hubby and I had a fantastic Saturday brunch at the Portland Street Creperie. RUN DON’T WALK. This place is killer.


I spent Saturday afternoon drinking tea and watching my godson grown before my eyes. He now says my name with perfect clarity and he speaks in full sentences.


I got this AMAZING hand carved box for my birthday. Isn’t is beautiful? I love it.



Lunch courtesy of Humble Pie . Honest to god this was probably the best chicken pot pies I have ever tasted.


We had dinner at Jamieson’s with friends who we adore. It was a wonderful night with lot’s of laughs and great food.

Today was a bit more subdued, I wasn’t feeling great and I was really kind of cranky and bitching all day (yes my poor husband) and by late afternoon I was feeling nauseated and like I had vertigo almost like when I have a migraine but with no pain. I was hoping it would pass before my 6:30 dodgeball game. Alas when I the time came I still felt like crap so Gil took me home after his game.



This is kind of what it looked like to me tonight


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