January 25th – BFFFE Date


Hello Monday and another glorious week of split shifts. Usually I try and use my splits to get stuff done around the house, god knows as a home owner there is certainly no shortage of THINGS which need doing.  But today I had something MUCH more important to do, I had a date with my bestest bestie.

We went to Costco and had lunch and shopped and very likely annoyed other shoppers which is usually our goal.

Then we hit Michael’s which is always a treat for us and for those blessed enough to witness us in natural habitat.


We popped around a few other shops in the Crossing. You never know what new and interesting things we might find.

I love cool shit!

Then we hit Starbucks because no Meg & Aimee show is complete without our Statler and Waldorf impression. We should charge money for that shit!

It was a fantastic afternoon! Then I came home to discover that my new spacepants had arrive from Modcloth.  I am super excited because it has been scientifically proven that I play dodgeball better in my spacepants so Sunday I am going to kick all kinds of butt on the dodgeball court!


Green Universe!


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