Monthly Archives: March 2016

Friggin’ Winter!


My skin, especially my scalp, has really been suffering this winter because of the dryness. Yesterday I was driven to my actual wits end, itching so badly I was almost in tears. So I decided to try a home remedy to see if I could get myself some relief. I turned to the internet because, well because I live in 2016. ¬†Each site I visited gave me pretty much the same “recipe” which called for the same ingredients, coconut oil, brown sugar and tea tree oil.



It kind of looks like I am making cookies, however the smell of tea tree quickly took care of that illusion.


I have to tell you this does not feel very nice. I am slimy and.. gritty. I hope this is worth it!



Well my hair feels lovely, it is soft and bouncy which is great EXCEPT it wasn’t my hair that was the problem it was my scalp and sadly there was no change. I am still itchy… but hey, great hair is a nice silver lining.