The Dressing Game


In the plotting and planning and prepping for my trip (IN 11 DAYS!) I have had to start thinking about what to wear for the dreaded airplane ride. It’s a really early morning flight on a plane that is going to be small and squishy and I am going to be…. fretful. So I want to be comfortable, comfy is a big factor ( I am big with comfy!) but I don’t want to look like a hobo either.  There is most certainly a part of me that remembers when a trip on an airplane was sacrosanct. When I was a wee lass I flew several times with my Nanny, NO jeans or sneakers for this girl. I mean and these trips were FORMAL, Sunday best, pretty dress, pantyhose, black patent leather Mary Janes, posh stuff!  It was definitely a different world back then, people didn’t wear PJ’s to the grocery store and I brushed my hair before I went out in public.


7 years old, total baller!


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