Turning Off The Tube – 107 Days of Summer!



Last year on July 10th my good friend Lee issued a challenge on FB, she and her super cool daughter were giving up TV and videos for a month and the were recruiting. I have talked many times about how TV is like a drug to me so I decided that her challenge would be good for me, plus I would have them for support which I would probably need.  It turned out that I did REALLY well with my TV detox.  I actually stayed on it until September. Post hoc ergo propter hoc I had just about the best summer I could remember. Gil and I were out and running around day and night and fell exhausted into bed, sleeping much better and feeling a lot closer to each other than we had in a while. \

So this year I decided I wanted to do it again but EXPANDED! So this is it Victoria Day long weekend to Labour Day long weekend, no Nextflix, Shomi or YouTube.  For the next few weeks Gil will procure us Game of Thrones because it would be impossible for me to avoid spoilers until September unless I also gave up FB (ummm hell NO!) and beyond that I am going to have a tv/video free summer.  So what will I do to fill my time while I am unplugged?

  • read
  • write a book
  • jam to tunes
  • clean
  • paint
  • nap
  • star gaze
  • drive
  • beach
  • chat over coffee
  • hit a bucket of balls
  • date night
  • garden
  • backyard fire
  • take pictures
  • wash the car
  • walk
  • cook
  • swim
  • scrapbook
  • go to a museum
  • food trucks!
  • puzzles
  • blog (oh you know you want it!)
  • Softball
  • yoga
  • write letters
  • organize
  • take a class
  • play board games
  • drink beer on the deck
  • Ingress
  • try Geocaching
  • go fishing
  • mini golf
  • berry picking
  • AGNS
  • get new ink
  • go on a road trip
  • picnic
  • make the perfect iced coffee
  • learn to crochet
  • go dancing
  • batting cages
  • kill my step challenge at work
  • improve my dodgeball skills

So wish me luck… I am off to kick start my 107 days of summer!


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