Mama’s Sweet Boy



A few short months ago it seemed like it was inevitable that we were going to lose Oliver sooner than later. Our heart were broken at the thought of the choices we were faced with but we decided we would do what ever we could and trust that our vet would tell us when enough was enough.

Today my boy actually LEAPED up the front steps, tail wagging, tongue lolling. He was HAPPY! He hates his weekly or bi-weekly trips to the vets office, he knows now that icky things happen there but the phlebotomy (bloodletting) really seems to be working and the high dose of glucosamine has him moving like a young pup again.  We know this isn’t a permanent fix, he is an old man and we know that someday, sooner than we like, we will have to say goodbye. But TODAY I have a happy boy who loves giving snuggles and that makes me so happy.


About Gil's Wife

Wife, Greyhound mom, cat wrangler, paper pusher, amateur photographer and lover of life. Way deep down inside of me there is a voice that wants to be heard but I have no idea what she wants to say.

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