Yup… it’s dark.


So yesterday I had myself a good ol’ fashioned melt down. It wasn’t pretty, I wasn’t proud but it was coming and today… well today is another day.

It had been brewing for a while. A few things happened leading up to melt-fest ’16.  I mentioned earlier in the month that I had so post traveling blues. Shortly after that I heard some news that didn’t impact me directly but shook me up and left me feeling really deeply hurt for a few weeks and I just couldn’t shake it. Add to this the sleep and mood crap that comes with the joys of perimenopause,  an old sick dog who is breaking my heart and yes… you guessed it, it got dark!

But I have decided that today I am picking myself up. I am finding the bright spots. I am taking in all the words of kindness from my friends, I am going to find my gratitude, my center. Yeah I will have crappy days and that’s okay because I know there is ALWAYS a better day coming.


Mental health… ain’t it grand?!


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