100 Days!!


Well Kittens and Cool Cats I am not sure where the rest of 2016 has gone but as of today, which happens to be the first day of Autumn, we are down to the last 100 days!


You can accomplish A LOT in 100 days. I have decided that I am just going to do my damnedest to enjoy it all.  I know that sometimes it is easier to find the negative but I am making it my mission to be positive and engaged for the next 100 days.



WTF hair?!

I kicked off my 100 days by going on a wonderful date with one of my favorite people. We ate junk food, collected Pokemon and talked for ages. It was damn awesome!


About Gil's Wife

Wife, Greyhound mom, cat wrangler, paper pusher, amateur photographer and lover of life. Way deep down inside of me there is a voice that wants to be heard but I have no idea what she wants to say.

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