98 Winks


I am laying in bed fully dressed, half watching some Star Trek and trying to force myself to stay awake because at some point I will have to make a third trip to Prospect to pick up Gilly from Jeff’s bachelor party.  This waking state is no mean feat as I am BEYOND exhausted. Today we had get another fundraising tournament with our dodgeball family, this time to raise money to send our sweet Ginger, Brogan, to represent us and Team Canada in Melbourne at Dodgeball World Championships.

I never go to these events with a goal of winning.  I go to be a member of a community and to work on my skills. Today the gym we play in was EXTRA hot, the games long and hard fought but in the end we did win which was icing on the cake. But my body is paying the price big time! A bad landing bunged up one knee, a well placed ball to the face had me seeing Tweety Birds for a while. Five forty minute games follow by three thirty minute games works pretty much every muscle you know you have and some you are unaware of. oww.



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