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2014 – Let’s Take a Look Back


This was the year…

We kicked off with a PJ party










We celebrated my birthday by playing dodgeball and raising a bunch of money and food (231lbs of food and $420) for Feed Nova Scotia












I got to go with my boss to run a REALLY cool errand for Adsum house.










I made my 7th Kiva loan. I have been reinvesting the same loan over and over since we made the first donation in memory of Kevin almost 6 years ago.

Our Pantel family devastated by the loss of our fearless leader Eamon

My gall bladder blew up and I spent 4 days in hospital having emergency surgery

I learned to bake bread

I worked pretty much every weekend of the winter, thanks Mother Nature                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                             

We celebrated Aimee’s birthday with a super cool masquerade party










Gil and I took an AMAZING trip to Cuba, it was seriously one of the best weeks of my life










More storms, snow and ice kicked our ass! April arrived but failed to bring Spring with it.



We celebrated SZJ 10!












Gil suffered through the longest cold EVER

We had ANOTHER basement flood

May brought a hint of Spring at long last



Our sweet little Logan turkey turned one













Gil got his cat suit and changed the face of dodgeball forever












The world lost Maya Angelou and it broke my heart

Gil gave life to his dream of Jugger

I got a permanent position at work which has been the cause of both joy and strife

June finally brought some decent weather and a break from the storms

Moncton suffered a terrible tragedy and the whole of Canada had it’s heartbroken

FIFA World Cup!!

Corey went to Hong Kong to play a little dodgeball and came home with a gold medal

July came and brought the heat, and Arthur, Screw you Arthur!!


Jennifer threw one hell of a retirement party for my right ovary











I had a major surgery to remove an ovary and two very large masses












Aimee, Gil and I perfected the twatsiepop.

Recovery was very long and very difficult but I really found out who the best friends in the world are



August first our household became a little bit smaller when Kian moved into his own apartment but our family became a little bit bigger with the arrival of Great Niece Vienna












We celebrated our first ever Thanksgiving in Summer

The world lost Robin Williams and became a less funny place to live

We played and won Great Escape










Jugger exploded taking Halifax by storm



17 of 100







August 21st brought the best phone call I have ever received NO CANCER


Despite my discomfort we set off to PEI for another amazing DB tournament (I watched, Gil played) and spent a wonderful weekend with our DB family











September kicked off with an amazing declutter challenge, which I totally rocked!

Went back to SMU for the first time in a decade to watch some football

Sara and Jay got married!!!


37 of 100










I got a fish! Welcome to the family Baby Blu


I hand one last infection post surgery and my doctor launched a nuke of antibiotics to finish it off.

Aimee, Jodi and I had another Jann date and this time we had some new friends too Katie and Darla.

I applied for and got a work at home position, making yoga pants my favorite new work outfit.

I took two glorious weeks of vacation

Gil and I celebrated 8 years of marital bliss

We celebrated thanksgiving with a birthday party potluck










A senseless murder in the nations capital shocked all Canadian’s to the core

Our computer room was transformed into a skull production facility














Gil turned 43, putting him back in his prime


The rest  December has flown by in a haze of parties and crafts and Jello shots. It has not been an easy year pretty much everyone I know has faced a lot of challenge this year but I for one feel like I am coming out stronger, more well rounded, grounded in the things that really matter.

I hope that 2015 brings more love, more adventure and most of all more time with the people I love. Happy New Year Everyone!!