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Feb.02 – What if there were no tomorrow?



I see an awesome light at the end of the tunnel. After 9 days straight including 5 back to back 12 hour shifts I can say the worst is pretty much over.  I still have to work three more days AND I am on call starting on Friday but I feel like I can see the light peeping at the end. I am just blessed I have a job and co-workers I like.

On top of the work stuff, which I swear I am not complain about, I have a cold and have for the better part of a week. I have lung full of molten lead and every time I cough I wet myself (man getting old is SEXY!)  and now Hubs McGee has the cold too. We are a totally sexy super couple, if you find snotting and hacking very attractive.

The kitchen is filthy, we have no clean laundry and I am pretty sure the larder is bare so we ordered pho for dinner.  It was tasty even though it was delivered an hour earlier than I requested.  Now I am finished my hot lemony Neocitran and I am going to pass out.



Jan.31. So Long Sucker!


Well the weekend, such as it was, is over. My major accomplishments are showering, managing to ingest my weight in caffeine and not crying on the phone.  My back and hips ache from sitting for too long. I have to admit I hit the wall and the thought of doing it all over again tomorrow … well let’s say I was safe ’cause I was off the phone.  I am going to drag my tired ass to bed because there is another 12 hour shift on the docket for tomorrow. Kitty snuggle time!




January 30th – It Came To Pass…


Well the storm came and my plans got cancelled. Yes I am bummed but at the end of the day this is my job and I like my job, I am good at my job and they pay me so…

The day was not without it’s share of silver linings…


A wonderful friend brought me a special treat as a reward today. I think this might have been just about the sweetest act of kindness I could imagine.


I love the way my tree looks in the street light with the ice all twinkling and shiny.



Even though I didn’t get off until 9pm my sweetie and I still managed to steal a few hours for a romantic dinner at one of our favorite sports.

All things considered it was a still a pretty good day and that’s the only thing that matters.

Jan.28 – One of THOSE days



Dudes I am have been SO excited for the weekend. It has been a LONG work week. Like SUPER long, not awful just busy and frustrating.  But I have plans for the weekend, good plans, exciting plans. Plans I am REALLY LOOKING FORWARD TO! So of course we are going to have a snow storm.  For me snow = work, and sure work = $$ but balls to your $$ I have plans!!


Jan.27th – So Clean


I am not the kind of tree hugging earth mother that I always pictured myself growing up into when I was teenager. Lots of time I choose convenience over other things, that’s just a part of a busy grown up. I know I am never going to have time to do all the things I want to do however one of my aims in life is to take a bit more time and think more about what I am doing, using, breathing, eating and putting out into the world. With that in mind I have been looking at using more natural, green things things around my house. Rags instead of paper towel, reusable bags, less plastic and more natural cleaning products.

So this week I made my own All Purpose cleaner.


Everything I needed I already had in my house


It was super easy, took about two minutes and cost me less than a $1 to make a whole bottle and it cleans amazingly.  I am so glad I did this and I can’t wait to make some different things in the future.

Jan.26 – Treasure


I am pretty good at getting unwanted or unneeded junk out of my house. I am sentimental for sure but I am also pretty practical. But there is one area on my life where I a total hoarder… my photographs.  I have hundreds of gigs of pictures going back over decades. Some of them are total rubbish or just too numerous. Seriously why do I need 42 pictures of a Coke bottle? But I love to go through and look at these old pictures and find some treasures that I sometimes missed a weird shot or neat angle. Today I was looking for  a picture from a special occasion and when I was flipping through I found some shots I just really liked and I don’t think I have shared before. So I am going to share them with you now. YAY!


January 25th – BFFFE Date


Hello Monday and another glorious week of split shifts. Usually I try and use my splits to get stuff done around the house, god knows as a home owner there is certainly no shortage of THINGS which need doing.  But today I had something MUCH more important to do, I had a date with my bestest bestie.

We went to Costco and had lunch and shopped and very likely annoyed other shoppers which is usually our goal.

Then we hit Michael’s which is always a treat for us and for those blessed enough to witness us in natural habitat.


We popped around a few other shops in the Crossing. You never know what new and interesting things we might find.

I love cool shit!

Then we hit Starbucks because no Meg & Aimee show is complete without our Statler and Waldorf impression. We should charge money for that shit!

It was a fantastic afternoon! Then I came home to discover that my new spacepants had arrive from Modcloth.  I am super excited because it has been scientifically proven that I play dodgeball better in my spacepants so Sunday I am going to kick all kinds of butt on the dodgeball court!


Green Universe!