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99 problems but THIS ain’t one!



You want to talk about getting some perspective?!  I remember getting this phone call 2 years ago.  I remember the person in the voice mail telling me where they were calling from then seeing spots in front of my eyes. I was still in total defensive mode, even though I had the report from the pathologist, I was still scared, my body was still in recovery from the surgery and I was STILL on antibiotics after almost three months of post surgical infections,  yes, I was still waiting for the other shoe to drop. I didn’t want to listen to the rest of the message but it went on… much to my sheer joy.

I am glad this memory came back in my facebook feed this morning.  There is nothing in the world to lift your mood and to give you perspective about what is really important in life than a reminder about how bleak things seemed.


Summer Lovin’!


So a few people have commented on how busy I have been this summer. It’s true, you should see my calendar! I have something going on ALL THE TIME. It’s true it is exhausting being constantly on the go,  my skin is sunburned and I have amassed a startling number of new freckles. I have bug bites pretty much every where. I friggin’ love it! I am really trying to pack TWO summers into one. Last summer was totally dominated by my surgery, prepping for it and then recovering from it. I got to do very little fun summer stuff and even when I did I was either too uncomfortable or stoned to properly enjoy it. So this year I am doing it all. Cottage visits, swimming, trips to the beach, long car drives to find sunshine food trucks and pictures. I am going to every event that I am able to squeeze in. I am going to watch my friends play soft ball. I am going to ice cream. I am going to be in a parade and slide on a water slide. I am going to go watch jugger even if all I do is lay around in the sunshine for two hours. I am going to stay out late with my husband and friends even on a work night, even it it means I am going to be tired. These days are numbered so I want to enjoy every single one of them!

To that end I joined my friend Lee for a month long no Netflix/tv/vids challenge for a month. Who has time to sit around watching tv when there is SO much going on?!

This past weekend I was up and moving every day bright and early each day. I had a fun date Chloe. Nothing makes you realize how out of shape you are more than playing tag with an 8 year old!! Then I I took my car for a long trip down the eastern shore. I was seeking out the graveyard of my great great GREAT grandparents in the Ostrea Lake area. I didn’t find it but I had an awesome conversation with a man who maintains the Holy Trinity cemetery in Martinique.  I went for a LONG walk on the beach and made sure to get my feet in that cold ocean water. I randomly ran into my friends George and Vicky and their kids at the beach.   I  found some amazing spots to take some pictures. I stopped in Seaforth at an INCREDIBLE food truck called FoodStruck Cantina. I had the most AMAZING service from the owner Kim and the food was just to die for!   Back in town I did some more genealogy research, a big walk through a huge old graveyard to find the graves of my great and great great grandparents. Then I spend the night drinking beer and watching the UFC fight with some of my guy buds.


Then on Sunday I went with some pals to pick strawberries in the valley. It was hotter than the hinges of hell but I got enough berries to try my hand at making jam! When I was done I went for a cruise around the valley taking pictures and eating ice cream. I was back olhome in that late afternoon just long enough to have a cool shower and then j was back out to cheer for softball and play with the Dodge kids!

I fell into bed exhausted, sunburnt, sore but happy as a pig in poop.
So far everything about its summer rocks. Now if I can oly get some more time with my Aimee and my Gilly, everything would be perfect .

Good stuff… from scratch.


So I am not feeling sick exactly but I am feeling worn down, burning the candle at both ends… etc and that is usually when my immune system decides to take a break so I am doing some preemptive care.  Today I took time to rest and regroup and tonight I made myself a nice treat that my body will appreciate.

Homemade ginger tea!

I start with my Terry teapot. Named after my awesome buddy Terry who bought it for me.

Fresh ginger is a VERY important part of ginger tea

Grated ginger. Have you ever wondered why they call redheads ginger? It's not at all red.

add hot water to steep ...

In the mean time grab a lemon...

some honey...

and your favorite mug!

Yummy and and good for you all in 6 minutes!

Whew! That was a BLAST!


Well it has been a pretty amazing holiday season so far but I have been WAY too busy to sit down and update but as of today I determined to get back on track.

Today was chock full of good stuff. But tonight is really taking the cake. The VERY best thing about the holidays is all the time I get to spend with my friends and my family. I love these people SO MUCH, words fail me when I try and describe how much these people mean to me. But after days and nights and days filled with friends and family I get worn down and tonight I have my down time. The in-laws are home safely, my brother is somewhere drinking beer and watching football with his men folk, Hubby is in the other rooms punching mutants in the end; all my peeps are accounted for. So where am I? Alone! I am eating naughty food, painting my nails and watching season one of Ally McBeal on DVD. I am having a friggin’ fabulous time!! I have laughed so hard my sides hurt, I feel so relaxed it is AWESOME. The perfect ending to days of madness. And to sweeten the deal my amazing husband is getting up with the dogs in the morning so I can sleep in!! Life is good in the neighborhood!