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Evening train of thought….


It’s been a really busy few days.  My long weekend Monday ended with an unfortunate calamity involving my car, an expired safety inspection and a big fine. The silver lining is I will never be complacent about this again. I have a reminder on my calendar every two years until I am 105 years old (I figure by then I will be too old to drive).  Owning a car is so much more effort than I expected but I like the perks.  As a bonus I got my new insurance paper work in the mail yesterday and my monthly payment went down WEEEE. So far this year my monthly power bill went down, my insurance AND my car should be all paid off in less than 3 months so I have some pluses in the financial column.


The last two days I have gone into the office for work which is great for several reasons. I really like getting so see some of my work people. I had two great lunch dates and LOTS of hugs. Plus I got to deliver cookies to some special folks.  Also I loved what I was doing which was working with our summer students.  It’s fun to be involved in training and the students are young and energetic and enthusiastic. I was kept on my toes for two solid days with great questions and a bit of a refresher for me, it’s been so long since I had my own training, it’s helpful to get that perspective of how far I’ve come. I remember being raw and new and afraid of screwing up, I am glad I stuck it out. I like my job.

Project #notv is still going well.  Last night I as tired and almost caved so instead I opted to go to bed early and get a good night of sleep.  I find as long as I have some music on I long for it less, apparently I just need noise.  I am hoping that starting next week I will fill some of that quiet time with an evening walk.



Long Weekend Goodness!


Well it’s 9pm on Sunday and I pretty much ready to call it a night but I am giddy with delight because I don’t have to set my alarm for the morning. LONG WEEKEND.  It’s been pretty much perfect except that my sweetie is away and I miss him.  Yesterday was hot and sunny and I got a lot of work done around the yard. I love getting my hands in the dirt, I love the way it feels, I love the way it smells.  I even got most of the front lawn mowed. I got have dinner with friends who recently moved into my neighbourhood and see their beautiful new home and then go to a house warming for some our dodgeball family.

This morning started EARLY.  For most of our team it was our first softball game of the year because most of us were away last weekend at Nationals.  It was a much cooler, damper start to the day but ball was good, after we got past my SNAFU with the batting order *sigh*.  But we won 1 and lost 1 then we went to the Chicken Burger for lunch together.   Ball was follow up by an unplanned nap, groceries, some baking and some photo editing from my trip.  It was quiet in the house, the fur babies all snoozed the rainy day away. I was worried so much down time might having me jonesing for some Netflix but I had some tunes playing quietly in the background and that seemed to fill my need background noise. But tonight I can hardly keep my eyes open and I am excited to have one more night sleeping in the middle of the big bed. Tomorrow my sweetie is home and I have to get ready for a BIG week at work.


Turning Off The Tube – 107 Days of Summer!



Last year on July 10th my good friend Lee issued a challenge on FB, she and her super cool daughter were giving up TV and videos for a month and the were recruiting. I have talked many times about how TV is like a drug to me so I decided that her challenge would be good for me, plus I would have them for support which I would probably need.  It turned out that I did REALLY well with my TV detox.  I actually stayed on it until September. Post hoc ergo propter hoc I had just about the best summer I could remember. Gil and I were out and running around day and night and fell exhausted into bed, sleeping much better and feeling a lot closer to each other than we had in a while. \

So this year I decided I wanted to do it again but EXPANDED! So this is it Victoria Day long weekend to Labour Day long weekend, no Nextflix, Shomi or YouTube.  For the next few weeks Gil will procure us Game of Thrones because it would be impossible for me to avoid spoilers until September unless I also gave up FB (ummm hell NO!) and beyond that I am going to have a tv/video free summer.  So what will I do to fill my time while I am unplugged?

  • read
  • write a book
  • jam to tunes
  • clean
  • paint
  • nap
  • star gaze
  • drive
  • beach
  • chat over coffee
  • hit a bucket of balls
  • date night
  • garden
  • backyard fire
  • take pictures
  • wash the car
  • walk
  • cook
  • swim
  • scrapbook
  • go to a museum
  • food trucks!
  • puzzles
  • blog (oh you know you want it!)
  • Softball
  • yoga
  • write letters
  • organize
  • take a class
  • play board games
  • drink beer on the deck
  • Ingress
  • try Geocaching
  • go fishing
  • mini golf
  • berry picking
  • AGNS
  • get new ink
  • go on a road trip
  • picnic
  • make the perfect iced coffee
  • learn to crochet
  • go dancing
  • batting cages
  • kill my step challenge at work
  • improve my dodgeball skills

So wish me luck… I am off to kick start my 107 days of summer!