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Dodge All The Balls!


Guys I don’t wanna brag but…. no forget that because I really DO want to brag! I had the greatest dodgeball weekend!!! Like REALLY!  After yesterday’s success at the Kick’n Balls tournament I was tired and I was sore so to be perfectly honest I wasn’t looking forward to playing our regular league game tonight. I wanted to just lay about and and groan but I am good little monkey so I laced up and went to play. And I am SO glad that I did!!! I think I might have played the best game of my dodgeball life. I dodged, threw, ran, jumped… I was on fire! And I felt amazing, honest to god, I think I even felt graceful!   There are so many great things about this sport and belonging to this community. I feel so grateful that it is a part of my life, that I have so many amazing friends and that I have found something that gives me such a sense of confidence,  accomplishment and pride. I love that even though I will never be a top tier player there is still so much room for me to grow, goals to make and meet and an army of people to cheer me on as I go.


Now if you will excuse me I hear a heating pad calling my name. 🙂


YAY!! Taking More Things Off My Manifesto!


16. I am going to patch and paint (the same colour, ’cause I love it) the dining room wall. It is an awful mess so instead of looking at is and feeling bad I am going to do something about it.


I spent the last few days patching, sanding and painting. Yay! Go me!

68. I want to do some real star gazing. Go out on dark clear nights, maybe borrow a telescope and look at the amazing masterpiece that is the night sky.

It’s hard to take a picture of star gazing but I spent a great night under the stars with Jennifer when we were in PEI.

86. I want to buy myself a pair of cool boots.  I love boots.


Damn girl! Those boots are AWESOME!!!

25 Things – How I Roll, Chub Club Edition


If this is your first time visiting my blog or if you thing the title of this post is offensive or even if you just need a reminder here is a quick synopsis from my favorite blogger Jess – The Militant Baker!

“25 Things Fat People Shouldn’t Do is an unabashed middle finger to the preposterous idea that any human who weighs more than the status quo does not deserve to live a full and well rounded (ahem) life. The list of 25 is composed word for word from direct lists of sheer assholery found on the internet. These range from the absurd to the profoundly shameful, and I will be disproving this offensive notion with style. Feel free to join in on the fun, and if you do, link at the bottom so I can share. May the Chub Club live long and prosper!”

The List 

  1. Do a cannonball
  2. Swing at the park
  3. Wear a bikini
  4. Drive
  5. Wear animal print
  6. Eat in public
  7. Wear shirts with glitter
  8. Ride a scooter
  9. Make art of themselves
  10. Shimmy
  11. Jump in an elevator
  12. Be straight
  13. Wear an ironic t-shirt
  14. Go to the movies
  15. Walk through a doorway
  16. Roll down a hill
  17. Run
  18. Go to bars
  19. fly in an airplane
  20. Sit on anything plastic
  21. Dance
  22. Wear a mumu
  23. Sit at a booth
  24. Ride a bike
  25. Live

rollBaby, that’s just how I roll…. with my rolls!!  I haven’t rolled down a hill in many a decade, I had totally forgotten how fun it could be. I would like to thank the jackasses who made this list for giving me to motivation to tap into my inner child and roll down a hill with wild abandon. My girl friends waited for me at the bottom of the hill cheering me on I felt awesome and silly and dizzy, it was fantastic.  Screw you haters, I am having a really grand time proving you wrong!

The Manifesto…. A Mid Year Review…. In 4 Parts.


So here we are boys and girls, JUNE!! Mid year already, how the hell did that happen?  I thought it was worth taking some time to review my seriously awesome manifesto.  However because there are 100 items on the list I thought it prudent that I break it up into some smaller parts…. let’s see how I’m doing!

1. I am going to eat less take out and fast food but MORE butter and good cheese. I think life is too short to live without these things. 

So on this count we are pretty much failing miserably! In fact these days we are SOOO busy I would say we probably eat out more. However we have made a pact to try harder. I’ll keep you in the loop.

2. I am going to drink less pop but MORE good coffee and good booze. Again, life is short and awesome.

Well I can call this one a success! Before the new year I bought a case of Diet Coke probably once a week, sometimes even more. Since January 1st I have not bought a single case or 2L bottle. I don’t keep pop in the house (although there is a bottle of rootbeer in the fridge for Aimee, it’s safe, I hate rootbeer) Daily I drink water, cranberry juice, chocolate milk, tea or coffee. I also indulge in a lot more evening night caps and drinks when I am out for the evening. I mean not a LOT, no need for an intervention. 

3. I am going become a flosser, one who flosses. I am going to brush AND floss every day.

So I did great for the two months. I was a flossing CHAMP but I have majorly lost my flossing mojo in the last two months.  It’s not too late to get back on the right track though… tonight I floss!!


4. I am going to get a massage every month. They aren’t that expensive and my medical covers most of it. Why the hell not?  

I am kicking this one’s ass!! I got a membership at Massage Addict near my house and since they have my credit card # on file and will charge it if I miss a month…. I never miss a month! I really look forward to 1 hour of me time each month with no interruption, no phone, no chatter just me and the back rub of my dreams. 

5. I am going to try a new recipe once a week.  I am tired of eating the same things over and over. It is time to be more adventurous in the kitchen especially since I have the time at home now.

Well I have tried several new recipes this year, with varying degrees of success I certainly haven’t had one a week. See # 1 for the reason why. 

6. i am going to read LOADS.  Mark D suggested a book a week. I am not sure I can keep that pace but it won’t hurt to try.

I have been reading more but not as much as I want. I hope to fix that this summer. 

7. I am going to join a yoga class. I stopped doing yoga when Dawn moved away because I thought no other instructor would be as good. It is true no one will ever fill her shoes but that is a crappy reason to stop doing something I enjoyed so much.

HA!!! I found a yoga class!! I have even gone a few times. The kick is that It’s DAWN!! She came back, probably because she just how much I missed her!

8.I am going to do my best at work. I want to grow in my role and in my company so I have to push myself, no dialing it in.

Work is good. I remain a loyal and faithful servant to my evil overlord. I like my job, I like my boss. 

9. I am going to spend more time with my friends. I have the greatest network of people in my life but sometimes it is easy just to retreat into my cave and be antisocial. But not this year, now that I am working from home I need to get out, be around people and remind myself that after I put pants on and walk out the door the rest of of it is fun and easy.

I have been making a real effort to get out and see my friends more. I love my buds. 

10. I am going do things that make me feel pretty. Wear nice clothes, put on some lipstick, paint my nails.  Not because I have to meet some societal norm but because when I feel pretty my confidence soars and I can do anything.

So I spend a LOT of time in sweats or yoga pants but when I go out I do make an effort. I invested in some new make-up and I found some cute things to do with my hair. I am never going to be a glamour girl but I feel pretty. 


11. Get out and walk.  I joined a challenge to walk 1000 miles, which is roughly equal to 1609 Kilometers or 4.4k a day.  Again the hardest part is just getting off my ass and going but I think I can do this!

Well the winter was a complete wash where but things have been picking up this Spring. I am doing a walking challenge thru work and Gil and I have started playing INGRESS which leads to more walkies. 

12. I want to eat breakfast every day.  We have been hearing it for years, it is the most important meal of the day. I am home now, I have time to eat before work so I should be fueling up on good stuff.

I am actually really good at this. Mostly it’s nothing fancy, toast and tea, fruit and yogurt. But I generally get something in me to start the day off right. 

13. I am going to be more creative. Paint, scrap, glue, write, whatever it is I just need to get my creative juices flowing.

Well my actual craft room is still in boxes while we continue basement renovations. However I have taken many opportunities to get my crafty on including clay work with JT and wedding crafties with Floyd. 


14. I am going to continue to discard the crap. There is so much unnecessary stuff in our home. You can’t organize clutter and stuff is just stuff, not a memory

I am really good at this! I take at least a bag a month to Value Village. The real question is… where the hell does it all come from?!

15. I am going, with the help of my awesome husband and our friends and family, finish the damn basement.  This is a project that has been in the making for too long.  There is great space down there and we are not using it to it’s fullest potential and that is just dumb.

Okay so everything is cleaned out and we are ready to lay the floor, we just need to cut the wall before we put the floor down. Oh and we need to buy the floor. *sigh*

16. I am going to patch and paint (the same colour, ’cause I love it) the dining room wall. It is an awful mess so instead of looking at is and feeling bad I am going to do something about it.

Yeah… this is a summer project. I plan on doing it soon now that I can have the windows open without asphyxia.

17. I am going to get a new kitchen counter.  When we got the dishwasher Gil cut the counter in half with a skillsaw to get it in. It was supposed to be temporary, that was 5 years ago.

So we were all set to buy our new counter, we had it all picked out and ready to go. And then expensive life stuff happened. I really wanted to make this happen but I just don’t think it’s in the cards. 

18. I am going to grow something from seed. Tomatoes or flowers or peppers. Something I can enjoy nurturing.

I started some tomato seedlings and they were doing really well but I put them out to enjoy some sunshine and I totally murder-ated them (sad face).  I am going to do gardening this weekend and I will plant some more. 


19. I am going to use my juicer.  I have this big beautiful contraption I never use. That needs to change.  I am not going to do a juice diet or anything, but I am going to make us juice because there is no sense in owning something like that and not using it.

I have used it like once. LAME.  If I don’t use it 8 more times before the end of the summer I am going to give it away. 

20. I am going to dance. In the kitchen, in the living room, in the aisles of the store, where ever the mood takes me. I am going to dance because I love to.

I am a dancing fool! I dance everywhere and I don’t care who sees it. 

21. I am going to get new ink.  I have been talking about several pieces I have wanted for a long time now and it is time to get off the pot.

Not yet but I know what I want

22. I am going to take LOTS of pictures. I love my camera, being out with it makes me happy so I am going to try another 365 project or something of the like.

I have been doing awesome 365 is going great and I have been an instagraming fool!  I even had one of my pictures on Hello Dartmouth! 

23. I am going to watch less TV. I have fallen into a bad habit and sitting in front of the laptop with netflix has taken up way too much of my life. I am aiming to watch no more than 10 hours a week.

Yeah…. this… not so much…. I am watching Bob’s Burgers while I write this. YAY

24. I am going to stop being disappointed that I am not Martha Stewart.  My house is never going to look like Better Homes and Gardens. That is not who I am, that is not who Gil and I are as a family. Our house gets messy but in the end it away gets cleaned up, stressing over it is foolish.

I am trying very hard with this one. If I have a choice between stressing over the house or enjoying time with my friends, friends are going to win every time. 

25. I need need to practice compassion in my day to day life, with my friends and family, with my co-workers and customers, with strangers in the street and also with myself.

I try, I try. 

What I’m reading…. All Hail the Rat Queens



Oh my god! This is just the best thing EVER! I keep trying to find the words to describe how amazing this graphic novel is but I  am stumped. If you are a super cool D&D nerd like me you should read this RIGHT NOW! If you are a super cool D&D girl so much the better!
I actually play in an all girl game (technically) and The Rat Queens is essentially what we aspire to be. It is funny, fierce and Uber violent!  I am a hard core fan after book one. I can’t wait for the next one.
This review is a natural twenty critical hit of awesome!