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Days 208 & 209 – It’s Clearly Selfie Season



Day 208 – Drunken Car selfie…. silliness ensues after an unplanned dinner date with my husband and a new unexpected cocktails!


Day 209- After a HELLA busy month I finally got to see my BFFFE! The last time we went so long without seeing each other was 13 years ago when she was away for a month.  Tonight was a great night of getting back to basics, car rides, ice cream and fart jokes. Love you MaiMai!


Day 157 – Life is too short for celery sticks!



I had the best date with my BFFFE tonight. It was the perfect way to cap a pretty much ideal Saturday (with the exception that my sweet baboo is three time zones away). There were times tonight I laughed so hard I cried. Aimee made me laugh so much I almost had my dessert come out of my nose. We went to 2 Doors Down for dinner and it was fantastic, amazing food and great service. Then we took a stroll down to the Board Room where Aimee trounced me at several board games. I could not have asked for a better date!