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January 17th – Busy Weekend!


When your work is considered essential service it a fact of life that sometimes your life is not your own. I am okay with that, the benefits still out weigh the draw backs. But this weekend I gave up my Saturday due to a winter storm so I had to cram all my weekend into Sunday.  I had an amazing day, slept in late, woke up to breakfast and coffee, had an awesome time organizing and decluttering in my bedroom (yes at a certain age that qualifies as an awesome time). There are clean sheets on my bed. I secured a house/dog sitter and booked a romantic get away with my husband for next month   On top of it all Winter Dodgeball season started and I had a GREAT game.


January 9th – Dodge All The Balls


I love dodgeball…. no really I mean it. I love it. It is a great sport and it is great exercise. But mostly I love it because of the people it has brought into my life and the moments we share together. Moments like this one…



But dodgeball IS a sport and like all sports sometimes things go wrong. In my last game I dodged badly my foot moved wrong, actually it didn’t move which was really the problem. Anyway I hurt it but played one more round anyway because I didn’t want to be a wuss (yeah, I know, dummy) and so now here I am….


Yeah, my big Saturday night. Bed, PJ’s with an elevated swollen and very sore footy.  This is the life of being an all-star athlete. LOL


January 8th- Growing older is mandatory, growing up is optional




My birthday fell on a


this year which meant celebrations had to wait for a few days. Tonight a phenomenal group of people came together to help me mark the linear passage of time.  In lieu of gifts and cards I asked people to bring a donation for the food bank and holy hell you should see the tonnage of food these people brought. More in than in a few days….
After two hours of dodging we went out for drinks and food and a whole lot of laughs.  I really, truly love my friends.  I feel so blessed to have so many beautiful souls in my life. Thank you everyone who contributed to making this another fantastic birthday.

Day 353 – Sportsmanship!




I had the best day (which also happens to be my hubby’s birthday!) playing dodgeball with people I love. It was the end to a tremendous season and I continue to feel so blessed to be part of this community.

I am super duper excited that I received my first ever sports trophy and for doing something I feel VERY strongly about. I genuinely believe that good sportsmanship should be the cornerstone of any endeavour and I would rather be a good loser that a poor winner.  To my dodgeball family… I friggin’ love you guys!


Day 346 – Christmas is about family



Tonight my dodgeball family got together for our annual Christmas party/secret Santa. There are so many great pictures it was hard to pick one to share but something about this picture just resonates with me. I love these people,  they are my family. Gil and I are blessed to be part if such a loving, supportive community.