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Mama’s Sweet Boy



A few short months ago it seemed like it was inevitable that we were going to lose Oliver sooner than later. Our heart were broken at the thought of the choices we were faced with but we decided we would do what ever we could and trust that our vet would tell us when enough was enough.

Today my boy actually LEAPED up the front steps, tail wagging, tongue lolling. He was HAPPY! He hates his weekly or bi-weekly trips to the vets office, he knows now that icky things happen there but the phlebotomy (bloodletting) really seems to be working and the high dose of glucosamine has him moving like a young pup again.  We know this isn’t a permanent fix, he is an old man and we know that someday, sooner than we like, we will have to say goodbye. But TODAY I have a happy boy who loves giving snuggles and that makes me so happy.


Day 156 – Mess


Have you ever wondered what would happen if someone left a bag of climbers chalk at doggy level, untended?


Well now we know and Daddy will never do it again I am sure. LOL


Like her Mama my girl Garcia likes to have her snacks in bed.

DAY 98- 9!!!



No mama has a favorite child but I have to tell you this boy is my whole heart & soul. He changed my life, he makes every single day better even when he is making me insane. He is the sweetest, most gentle in the whole world. He thinks the sun rises and sets on me. He is handsome and goofy and I love him more than I can possibly say.

Happy 9th birthday to my Baby Boy, my Bug, my Oli Bum, my Biggy Boo. 

Money often costs too much. ~Ralph Waldo Emerson


So money is one of those things that NICE people don’t talk about publicly, it’s  déclassé, vulgar, base, which of course means I am going to do it.

I always kind of thought that by the time I was almost 40 I would have the whole money thing figured out. I have a good job that pays well enough. We don’t have any kids, rarely travel, still don’t own a yacht or a hover board. The maid I have been dying to hire is on the back burner but all my bills are paid. I should be financially set but I am still living pay cheque to pay cheque, hand to mouth and I have NO IDEA where the money is going.  I have no savings and I am in debt on my line of credit, I haven’t seen the + side of my over draft in months and Visa card up to my eye balls. It SUCKS!

So when unexpected expenses pop up they totally throw me. This week each dog took a $200+ visit to the vet, thank god Gil paid for one of them. Now Miss P Garcia needs a pricey dental surgery and I am trying to chicken scratch together $1400.  If this were the first, second or third time that one of the furry butts needed expensive medical intervention I would be fine to leave the heavy lifting to Gil but the truth is he has done the lions share for a long time and I wanted to take care of this. I guess that is part of being in a true partnership. So I put on my big girl panties and I called the bank. Could I please get either a small loan or an increase to my PLC, just enough to cover the surgery?  I will give the guy some credit, he didn’t out and out laugh at me. After reviewing and crunching all my numbers they decided that what I needed was to consolidate. One loan to pay her baby girl’s operation and to pay off all my debt but the PLC will close and my credit card limit cut back.  The thing is I know that they are right, clearly they are right. Maybe this is help I need to dig myself out of this BUT it’s so humiliating. I just really thought I had a better handle on it. Gil could tell something was the matter so he took me to grab a burger, knowing of course that food equals love in my universe, which is how I found myself sitting in A&W sobbing in embarrassment as I confessed to my husband the I was a total financial failure. To HIS credit he also didn’t laugh at me. He just took my hand and told me that hardly anyone has it together when it comes to money, some people are just better at faking it. He assured me that he was neither angry nor disappointed and he just hoped that I was able to find the positive in the situation, which I will after I am done licking my wounds.

Doctor Meggy


WARNING!!! This girl talks about money in public!