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Sunday…97% Awesome 3% Owwie


Hi my awesome people! So I mentioned last night is was a wee bit tired. Well let me be perfectly honest I had ZERO interest in getting out of bed this morning. But because we are grown ups (allegedly) we had lots of busy plans so we rolled out, bodies protesting every centimeter. I had a wonderful morning tea with Sandra and caught up with my sweet little godson who is now old enough to potty train and speaks to me in whole sentences (How did that happen SO fast?!).

In the afternoon we were off for the 3rd Annual Jugger BBQ in the Park! I love getting our local Juggers together for this fun event that mixes playing and more socialization. It’s great when people stop and watch and cheer and ask questions about the game. This year I got to pass grill duty off to Gil (payment for picking him and several other drunk boys last night from a bachelor party.)  Instead I got to spend the afternoon hanging out on my banana, making awesome new friends and relaxing in the sunshine.

The highlight of this years BBQ was a visit from one of our younger Juggers. J is 14 and he has not been able to play with us in WAY too long. He was diagnosed last winter with Burkitt’s lymphoma which was a big shock because he was so young. But today he seemed tall, handsome and healthy!! And also much closer to being a teenager than he was this time last year.

After the BBQ we has to run off to Prospect for yet another game of dodgeball. WEEE! It certainly wasn’t the greatest game of my life since every cell in my body was aching from yesterday but  I was in good company, most us were too sore to do anything but laugh at our selves. But it was fun and I got to hang with my peeps so… woo.

The evening brought  a hot a date with my favorite husband and then a long soak in a hot bath. Pretty much it was a perfect day! Happy Sunday everyone.





98 Winks


I am laying in bed fully dressed, half watching some Star Trek and trying to force myself to stay awake because at some point I will have to make a third trip to Prospect to pick up Gilly from Jeff’s bachelor party.  This waking state is no mean feat as I am BEYOND exhausted. Today we had get another fundraising tournament with our dodgeball family, this time to raise money to send our sweet Ginger, Brogan, to represent us and Team Canada in Melbourne at Dodgeball World Championships.

I never go to these events with a goal of winning.  I go to be a member of a community and to work on my skills. Today the gym we play in was EXTRA hot, the games long and hard fought but in the end we did win which was icing on the cake. But my body is paying the price big time! A bad landing bunged up one knee, a well placed ball to the face had me seeing Tweety Birds for a while. Five forty minute games follow by three thirty minute games works pretty much every muscle you know you have and some you are unaware of. oww.


OMG -February!!


Holy crap February has been a true sh*t storm so far!  And by storm of course I mean of the winter variety. The work I do is considered  essential services so when a winter storm hits it means me and mine dig deep and set in for the long haul. Since January 29th we have had three major storm events which means on top of my regular hours I have also worked 53 hours of overtime. Yeah…. good times! In addition I have had an upper respiratory and ear infection and my sweet hubby had a cold.   I have done ZERO house work and almost all my food has been take out or left overs.  Dudes it’s not a pretty picture.

However there have been some awesome moments because my life is full of awesome people


My sweet brother Phil showed up with a giant bag of Cuban coffee fresh of the island!



My beautiful friend Vicki popped by with red velvet cupcakes just for me!!


and my hubby got me some non-germy kisses


I am fervently hoping that I get to experience a whole weekend off this week but if Mother Nature still has her knickers in knot I know I will get thru it with my awesome work team, my great friends and the veritable pharmacy of cold and flu meds on my bedside table.

January 17th – Busy Weekend!


When your work is considered essential service it a fact of life that sometimes your life is not your own. I am okay with that, the benefits still out weigh the draw backs. But this weekend I gave up my Saturday due to a winter storm so I had to cram all my weekend into Sunday.  I had an amazing day, slept in late, woke up to breakfast and coffee, had an awesome time organizing and decluttering in my bedroom (yes at a certain age that qualifies as an awesome time). There are clean sheets on my bed. I secured a house/dog sitter and booked a romantic get away with my husband for next month   On top of it all Winter Dodgeball season started and I had a GREAT game.