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Sunday…97% Awesome 3% Owwie


Hi my awesome people! So I mentioned last night is was a wee bit tired. Well let me be perfectly honest I had ZERO interest in getting out of bed this morning. But because we are grown ups (allegedly) we had lots of busy plans so we rolled out, bodies protesting every centimeter. I had a wonderful morning tea with Sandra and caught up with my sweet little godson who is now old enough to potty train and speaks to me in whole sentences (How did that happen SO fast?!).

In the afternoon we were off for the 3rd Annual Jugger BBQ in the Park! I love getting our local Juggers together for this fun event that mixes playing and more socialization. It’s great when people stop and watch and cheer and ask questions about the game. This year I got to pass grill duty off to Gil (payment for picking him and several other drunk boys last night from a bachelor party.)  Instead I got to spend the afternoon hanging out on my banana, making awesome new friends and relaxing in the sunshine.

The highlight of this years BBQ was a visit from one of our younger Juggers. J is 14 and he has not been able to play with us in WAY too long. He was diagnosed last winter with Burkitt’s lymphoma which was a big shock because he was so young. But today he seemed tall, handsome and healthy!! And also much closer to being a teenager than he was this time last year.

After the BBQ we has to run off to Prospect for yet another game of dodgeball. WEEE! It certainly wasn’t the greatest game of my life since every cell in my body was aching from yesterday but  I was in good company, most us were too sore to do anything but laugh at our selves. But it was fun and I got to hang with my peeps so… woo.

The evening brought  a hot a date with my favorite husband and then a long soak in a hot bath. Pretty much it was a perfect day! Happy Sunday everyone.





Feb.02 – What if there were no tomorrow?



I see an awesome light at the end of the tunnel. After 9 days straight including 5 back to back 12 hour shifts I can say the worst is pretty much over.  I still have to work three more days AND I am on call starting on Friday but I feel like I can see the light peeping at the end. I am just blessed I have a job and co-workers I like.

On top of the work stuff, which I swear I am not complain about, I have a cold and have for the better part of a week. I have lung full of molten lead and every time I cough I wet myself (man getting old is SEXY!)  and now Hubs McGee has the cold too. We are a totally sexy super couple, if you find snotting and hacking very attractive.

The kitchen is filthy, we have no clean laundry and I am pretty sure the larder is bare so we ordered pho for dinner.  It was tasty even though it was delivered an hour earlier than I requested.  Now I am finished my hot lemony Neocitran and I am going to pass out.


January 19th – Baked Goods


I am back on split shifts for the next few weeks. I know a lot of people wouldn’t like the splits but I personally love them, specifically in the winter. I find that having those day light hours really improves my mental health and then in turn my productivity. When I am getting things done I feel good! It is a cycle of goodness.

The last few days I have been very productive but today slightly less so. I spent much of my 4 hours off hanging out with my husband. It wasn’t anything fancy, lunch and grocery shopping, but I love any extra time I get to spend with my fella.  Once groceries were put away I made myself some muffins for breakfast this week and I am pleased to say they turned out so well.   This evening I made lunch & dinner for tomorrow and spent soem quality cuddle time with my hounds while Gil made dinner for tonight. Yeah he’s smart and sexy AND a good cook. How could I ask for more?

Tomorrow I take on Mount Washmore!