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Mama’s Sweet Boy



A few short months ago it seemed like it was inevitable that we were going to lose Oliver sooner than later. Our heart were broken at the thought of the choices we were faced with but we decided we would do what ever we could and trust that our vet would tell us when enough was enough.

Today my boy actually LEAPED up the front steps, tail wagging, tongue lolling. He was HAPPY! He hates his weekly or bi-weekly trips to the vets office, he knows now that icky things happen there but the phlebotomy (bloodletting) really seems to be working and the high dose of glucosamine has him moving like a young pup again.  We know this isn’t a permanent fix, he is an old man and we know that someday, sooner than we like, we will have to say goodbye. But TODAY I have a happy boy who loves giving snuggles and that makes me so happy.


Love is being stupid together. ~Paul Valery


I have seen many lovely declarations of love today, some heartfelt, some humorous, all fantastic. Gil and I we, well we aren’t really valentines people. Anytime we put effort into romance it always comes across… awkward and disingenuous.

Sure I like flowers but I like getting to sleep in while he takes the dogs out for a pee much much more.  I like nice dinners and sweet treats but we have never needed a special occasion for any of those things. So this is how my sweet guy and our spent our glorious Sunday which also happened to be February 14th


It was a extra chilly morning and I really didn’t want to get out of bed but my honey lured me into the cold car with the promise of bum warmers and adventure. I have to be honest, he can talk me into pretty much anything… he has a way with words.



Breakfast at Norbert’s. They make the best Golden Milk. The market is a lot quieter on Sunday so we were able to and enjoy ourselves. I love talking to my husband over breakfast.



While Gil was at jugger in the afternoon I spent some time napping and writing and then I made us a “we miss Cuba” feast.  Rice and black beans, Cuban pulled pork and Cuba Libre’s. I can neither confirm nor deny rumors that there was salsa dancing in the dining room but I will say my name can shake it!


While Gilly was distracted my sweet girl decided she would make a better dinner companion. God she is adorable.

I don’t hate Valentines Day and I adore watching people celebrate their love, I’m not hater. Gil and I, we just know that if you do it right… every day can be the most romantic day of the year.


January 19th – Baked Goods


I am back on split shifts for the next few weeks. I know a lot of people wouldn’t like the splits but I personally love them, specifically in the winter. I find that having those day light hours really improves my mental health and then in turn my productivity. When I am getting things done I feel good! It is a cycle of goodness.

The last few days I have been very productive but today slightly less so. I spent much of my 4 hours off hanging out with my husband. It wasn’t anything fancy, lunch and grocery shopping, but I love any extra time I get to spend with my fella.  Once groceries were put away I made myself some muffins for breakfast this week and I am pleased to say they turned out so well.   This evening I made lunch & dinner for tomorrow and spent soem quality cuddle time with my hounds while Gil made dinner for tonight. Yeah he’s smart and sexy AND a good cook. How could I ask for more?

Tomorrow I take on Mount Washmore!


Day 353 – Sportsmanship!




I had the best day (which also happens to be my hubby’s birthday!) playing dodgeball with people I love. It was the end to a tremendous season and I continue to feel so blessed to be part of this community.

I am super duper excited that I received my first ever sports trophy and for doing something I feel VERY strongly about. I genuinely believe that good sportsmanship should be the cornerstone of any endeavour and I would rather be a good loser that a poor winner.  To my dodgeball family… I friggin’ love you guys!


Day 276 – 278 and I got to knock something off my manifesto!


On the 7th of this month my sweet Gilly and I are celebrating our 9th wedding anniversary. Which is fantastic because I have been very excited to strike something special from my list….

66. I want to do something special for my husband for our anniversary but I want to plan ahead. I don’t want to throwing the something together at the 11th hour like I usually do.

This year I was ON THE BALL!  I planned a weekend away for us to celebrate in exactly our own way, We had long car drives, star gazing, great food, coffee, snuggles, car karaoke, a ton of Ingress and a whole heap of love. It was the best and he loves his surprise vacation!




Day 250 – Long weekend Perfection



Today was just about perfect. Gil and I had been planning this day trip for weeks. A whole day just the two of having a grand adventure on the eastern shore. The day was not without hiccups but it was still just exactly what we wanted. I love my husband and I hope our life is full of many, many more ore adventures, singing in the car, making silly jokes and sharing lots of road snacks.