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This Weekend In Wonderland


It’s been a busy weekend as we have begun to really spring into Spring!

Friday night I had tickets to a charity event that turned out to be REALLY not my cup of tea so I bailed after about 20 minutes and had an impromptu date with my sweet husband and then an impromptu nightcap with friends I had not seen in a long time.

At long last our basement renovation is FINALLY done and I able to put everything back and move Gil’s craft area into a new, beautiful spot. I worked my butt off on Saturday gutting the computer room which has served dual purpose as Gil’s craft room and has become very frightening in the past year. I took out bags and bags of garbage and recycling. When everything is moved downstairs (which will actually probably take a while) I am going to scrub the room within an inch of it’s life and then I am going to finally paint it! We’ve only lived here 8 years, no big deal. Then I am going to reassemble the room as an actual computer room with a spot where Gil and I can watch TV/movies together and a futon so we can have a guest crash and not  have to sleep with our farting dogs. No one wants to sleep with my farting dogs, trust me!   I took a couple of progress pictures but they are so awful I am not going to share. But I promise that when the room is done I will post a before and after.

Today was supposed to be my day to sleep in but by foolish body had other plans so I was up with the birds… and the dogs and the cats and the stud muffin husband.  But I took advantage of the extra hours.  I took myself out for a nice breakfast, I ran a ton of errands and a few light chores around the house. Plus I got a lot of planning done for the impending softball season!  Then I spent the day with some of my nerd pals pretending to be super heroes!  We won’t see each other again until late in June so it was nice to get some time in together although I did miss my weekly dodgeball fix.

The coming week is a busy one so I got all the meal planning out of the way and a good long list of things that I want to get accomplished.  I am hoping the sun continues to shine and motivate me to banish stale ol’ winter from our house.





A Day in the Life – A picture an hour


I came across this idea in a blog I follow a while back and it turns out this is… a thing. I wanted to do it earlier but I have been working an assload of over time and was worried you might find 12 pictures of my desk ask boring as I do. So last night I decided today was the day, an absolutely typical Saturday…. god I love Saturday.



7:30am…. there is no such thing as sleeping in when you have dogs, not unless you enjoy cleaning pee off the floor which frankly I don’t.  I am too damn tired to care about what the neighbours might say if they see what I am wearing.


9:30am… Okay time to get up for real. But I am going to lay here and enjoy the quiet a little bit longer while Gil feeds and unfeeds the animals. I love this part of the morning.


10:30 …. Finally made it out of the house and downtown for breakfast at Portland Street Creperie. God I love this place. My breakfast is so amazing that I do a chair dance and try and chew as slowly as I can to make it last longer. Plus the price is amazing. RUN!


11:3oam…. Home from getting groceries, everything I need for meals for the coming week. I feel guilty because I forgot my reusable bags. But I pat myself on the back for planning to COOK!


12:30pm After two crazy weeks of work the kitchen is truly in a state, it is honestly distressing so while Gil is out I ramp up the 90’s dance tunes and have a dance party in the kitchen while I finally get it clean. I feel genuine joy at my accomplishment.


1:30pm… Now that the kitchen is clean I have to make something to take to a friends birthday party tonight. Thank god for an easy delicious recipe and my mixmaster.


2:30pm Time for a break. A cup of tea (or 5) and a cheesy movie sitting at my dining room table which is my favorite place to hang out in my house. I love our table. It is dented, stained, damaged and scared. Proof of all the wonderful times we have there.

p3 3:30pm… Time to prep dinner for tomorrow night. Gil and I have big plans which ONLY by coincidence fall on valentines day. I am making a marinade that calls for 20 cloves of garlic, yes 20!!! My hands smell delightful for the rest of the day.


4:30pm…. Heading out to Pete’s to find a few things for tomorrow’s dinner we couldn’t find at our local grocery store. It’s snowing and I am feeling mild panic that I might get called into work. Gil lets me sit in the cozy warm car while he cleans off the snow.


5:30pm … I am worried that my tea buzz is wearing off so after a successful trip to Pete’s we stop so I can get a London Fog at the Second Cup. Also I love holding the hot cup in my hands because it is hella cold outside!


6:30pm – Running late, I have no idea where the last hour went BACK out in the car to head to Natalie’s 40th birthday party. Gil is driving because I am winter weather wuss. Maybe this means I have have a drink tonight too!


7:30pm – Friends and food! It’s a casual and relaxed event, just like the birthday girl (center with long black hair) but she seems VERY happy!


8:30pm – L&T are teaming up on something in the booze cabinet. This is surly a sign of good things to come. Also everyone knows there is good shit at the end of the rainbow!


10:30 What on earth happened to 9:30? That must have been a really good drink.  Jay looks incredibly dubious about what he is hearing. I am ready to join Jessie for snuggles on her dog bed. I am getting tired but not because I am old, because I am still getting over a cold.  Right?!


11:30pm Strangely deep conversation about calculus and differential equations. Thank you lads for always making sure my brain gets a good work out when we are together. Man we are wild party animals!


1:30 – Okay it’s late! It’s been a great day but truthfully it is WAY past my bed time and I have to pass out now. Hubby is already snoring away and the promise of Sunday is calling!

January 30th – It Came To Pass…


Well the storm came and my plans got cancelled. Yes I am bummed but at the end of the day this is my job and I like my job, I am good at my job and they pay me so…

The day was not without it’s share of silver linings…


A wonderful friend brought me a special treat as a reward today. I think this might have been just about the sweetest act of kindness I could imagine.


I love the way my tree looks in the street light with the ice all twinkling and shiny.



Even though I didn’t get off until 9pm my sweetie and I still managed to steal a few hours for a romantic dinner at one of our favorite sports.

All things considered it was a still a pretty good day and that’s the only thing that matters.

Day 262 – What the mouth wants..


I had every intention of sleeping in this morning.  I had the bed to my self and the fur critters were happily snoozing but in the wee hour of the morning I rolled over and want just about back to sleep when two words popped into my head… breakfast pizza.


Needless to day by 7am I was at the market to get a slice of Bermosa breakfast pizza fresh from the oven. It was delightful.
I can always try sleeping in tomorrow.

Day 157 – Life is too short for celery sticks!



I had the best date with my BFFFE tonight. It was the perfect way to cap a pretty much ideal Saturday (with the exception that my sweet baboo is three time zones away). There were times tonight I laughed so hard I cried. Aimee made me laugh so much I almost had my dessert come out of my nose. We went to 2 Doors Down for dinner and it was fantastic, amazing food and great service. Then we took a stroll down to the Board Room where Aimee trounced me at several board games. I could not have asked for a better date!