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Apparently You Are Supposed To READ Food Labels!? Who Knew!


So the first two days of June have been a big success. To be fair I put a lot of effort into planning this weeks meals, every meal is planned and the groceries already shopped. I would have been a great Boy Scout… Be Prepared!

Tonight on the way home I realized I needed to pick up a pie crust to my quiche. I make a MEAN quiche but I can’t for the life of me get pie crust down so I am content to cheat with a TenderCrust. I was in a hurry to get home so I flew into the store and grabbed the box I always do and just as I was turning away from the freezer a different box caught my eye, it said “All Vegetable Shortening”.

All Vegetable Shortening Deep Dish Pie Shells 9 inch 2pk

Sure enough the box I was going to buy had Lard listed a the second ingredient. It never would have occurred to me to check the label of a pie crust, NEVER.

So when I got home I started to do some research on products that have animal in them, what there super secret sneaky names are and then I made a list (oh yeah baby!)

It turns out my yogurt also has gelatin in it. Next time ’round I will try and find one without but for now I paid the money for what I have an I am not going to waste it. So it turns out that that grocery shopping is not as straight forward as steering clear of the butcher shop. This isn’t really a surprise but I am going to have to decide where my line in the sand is and then start reading before I buy.