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Dear Spring…. please come back!


So yesterday it snowed and tonight it is so cold I need layers! I mean … It’s almost MAY! There forecast is calling for flurries overnight! It April showers are supposed to bring May flowers what the hell will April flurries bring? I’ll tell  you what, it will bring a cranky Meggy!!! I hope Toronto will have better weather. I have been promised Spring weather for my vacation. All this cold, shivering, layering, foolishness is making me a grump. I mean sunshine is nice but I don’t want to have to wear mitts and a toque just to go to the green bin. I want to sit on my deck and drink tea. I want to putter in my garden. I want to go for walks and BBQ and mow the lawn. UGG!!



This Weekend In Wonderland


It’s been a busy weekend as we have begun to really spring into Spring!

Friday night I had tickets to a charity event that turned out to be REALLY not my cup of tea so I bailed after about 20 minutes and had an impromptu date with my sweet husband and then an impromptu nightcap with friends I had not seen in a long time.

At long last our basement renovation is FINALLY done and I able to put everything back and move Gil’s craft area into a new, beautiful spot. I worked my butt off on Saturday gutting the computer room which has served dual purpose as Gil’s craft room and has become very frightening in the past year. I took out bags and bags of garbage and recycling. When everything is moved downstairs (which will actually probably take a while) I am going to scrub the room within an inch of it’s life and then I am going to finally paint it! We’ve only lived here 8 years, no big deal. Then I am going to reassemble the room as an actual computer room with a spot where Gil and I can watch TV/movies together and a futon so we can have a guest crash and not  have to sleep with our farting dogs. No one wants to sleep with my farting dogs, trust me!   I took a couple of progress pictures but they are so awful I am not going to share. But I promise that when the room is done I will post a before and after.

Today was supposed to be my day to sleep in but by foolish body had other plans so I was up with the birds… and the dogs and the cats and the stud muffin husband.  But I took advantage of the extra hours.  I took myself out for a nice breakfast, I ran a ton of errands and a few light chores around the house. Plus I got a lot of planning done for the impending softball season!  Then I spent the day with some of my nerd pals pretending to be super heroes!  We won’t see each other again until late in June so it was nice to get some time in together although I did miss my weekly dodgeball fix.

The coming week is a busy one so I got all the meal planning out of the way and a good long list of things that I want to get accomplished.  I am hoping the sun continues to shine and motivate me to banish stale ol’ winter from our house.




Spring is Sprung!


Oh my gracious I got to open my windows AND put my blankets out in the fresh air today. I am just so excited. It was a bit nippy but it wasn’t COLD. And tomorrow it is supposed to be in the double digits!! I love warm and sunny SO much. My mood just zooms, my house gets clean.Things smell good!! I use loads of exclamation points!!!! Alright so I don’t have a seasonal guide to exclamation points but I am sure you catch my drift. 12898283_10156726482390521_1205118585215564687_o

I am hoping the weather forecast for the weekend is wrong and we actually have some decent weather. I am dying to get out in the yard and get some real work done. There are huge branches down off the trees in the back yard from the various winter storms. Plus I want to break out the beautiful new leave blower/vacuum/mulcher  that Gil and I got for Christmas. I want to build up the new veg bed Gil and I are putting in and pull out some annoying shrubs from the back yard before they are in bloom again. I think I could spend the whole summer outside if I tried.

Day 138 – Babes



We really enjoyed the extra day off in the sun. There was a trip to the playground and then a nice walk/bike ride round the ‘hood. We had stopped at a tennis court to goof off for a while when a man came in to practice his backhand. C&D took an opportunity to stop for a snack. They watched the man very intently and made up their own narrative for what was going on which was friggin’ hysterical. Seriously these kids are better than Statler and Waldorf!

Day 105 – Simple Pleasures



It has been SUCH a long winter, the house has been shut up and closed. After months and months of that between two humans and 5 fur babies the house smells like… winter. It’s getting kind of gross. But today the weather is absolutely beautiful and the windows are cracked open. It smells fresh, or at least I assume it does, I am still stuffed up so I can’t tell for sure. But it feels fresher and I feel happy and THAT is what matters!