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Sunday…97% Awesome 3% Owwie


Hi my awesome people! So I mentioned last night is was a wee bit tired. Well let me be perfectly honest I had ZERO interest in getting out of bed this morning. But because we are grown ups (allegedly) we had lots of busy plans so we rolled out, bodies protesting every centimeter. I had a wonderful morning tea with Sandra and caught up with my sweet little godson who is now old enough to potty train and speaks to me in whole sentences (How did that happen SO fast?!).

In the afternoon we were off for the 3rd Annual Jugger BBQ in the Park! I love getting our local Juggers together for this fun event that mixes playing and more socialization. It’s great when people stop and watch and cheer and ask questions about the game. This year I got to pass grill duty off to Gil (payment for picking him and several other drunk boys last night from a bachelor party.)  Instead I got to spend the afternoon hanging out on my banana, making awesome new friends and relaxing in the sunshine.

The highlight of this years BBQ was a visit from one of our younger Juggers. J is 14 and he has not been able to play with us in WAY too long. He was diagnosed last winter with Burkitt’s lymphoma which was a big shock because he was so young. But today he seemed tall, handsome and healthy!! And also much closer to being a teenager than he was this time last year.

After the BBQ we has to run off to Prospect for yet another game of dodgeball. WEEE! It certainly wasn’t the greatest game of my life since every cell in my body was aching from yesterday but  I was in good company, most us were too sore to do anything but laugh at our selves. But it was fun and I got to hang with my peeps so… woo.

The evening brought  a hot a date with my favorite husband and then a long soak in a hot bath. Pretty much it was a perfect day! Happy Sunday everyone.





This Weekend In Wonderland


It’s been a busy weekend as we have begun to really spring into Spring!

Friday night I had tickets to a charity event that turned out to be REALLY not my cup of tea so I bailed after about 20 minutes and had an impromptu date with my sweet husband and then an impromptu nightcap with friends I had not seen in a long time.

At long last our basement renovation is FINALLY done and I able to put everything back and move Gil’s craft area into a new, beautiful spot. I worked my butt off on Saturday gutting the computer room which has served dual purpose as Gil’s craft room and has become very frightening in the past year. I took out bags and bags of garbage and recycling. When everything is moved downstairs (which will actually probably take a while) I am going to scrub the room within an inch of it’s life and then I am going to finally paint it! We’ve only lived here 8 years, no big deal. Then I am going to reassemble the room as an actual computer room with a spot where Gil and I can watch TV/movies together and a futon so we can have a guest crash and not  have to sleep with our farting dogs. No one wants to sleep with my farting dogs, trust me!   I took a couple of progress pictures but they are so awful I am not going to share. But I promise that when the room is done I will post a before and after.

Today was supposed to be my day to sleep in but by foolish body had other plans so I was up with the birds… and the dogs and the cats and the stud muffin husband.  But I took advantage of the extra hours.  I took myself out for a nice breakfast, I ran a ton of errands and a few light chores around the house. Plus I got a lot of planning done for the impending softball season!  Then I spent the day with some of my nerd pals pretending to be super heroes!  We won’t see each other again until late in June so it was nice to get some time in together although I did miss my weekly dodgeball fix.

The coming week is a busy one so I got all the meal planning out of the way and a good long list of things that I want to get accomplished.  I am hoping the sun continues to shine and motivate me to banish stale ol’ winter from our house.




Love is being stupid together. ~Paul Valery


I have seen many lovely declarations of love today, some heartfelt, some humorous, all fantastic. Gil and I we, well we aren’t really valentines people. Anytime we put effort into romance it always comes across… awkward and disingenuous.

Sure I like flowers but I like getting to sleep in while he takes the dogs out for a pee much much more.  I like nice dinners and sweet treats but we have never needed a special occasion for any of those things. So this is how my sweet guy and our spent our glorious Sunday which also happened to be February 14th


It was a extra chilly morning and I really didn’t want to get out of bed but my honey lured me into the cold car with the promise of bum warmers and adventure. I have to be honest, he can talk me into pretty much anything… he has a way with words.



Breakfast at Norbert’s. They make the best Golden Milk. The market is a lot quieter on Sunday so we were able to and enjoy ourselves. I love talking to my husband over breakfast.



While Gil was at jugger in the afternoon I spent some time napping and writing and then I made us a “we miss Cuba” feast.  Rice and black beans, Cuban pulled pork and Cuba Libre’s. I can neither confirm nor deny rumors that there was salsa dancing in the dining room but I will say my name can shake it!


While Gilly was distracted my sweet girl decided she would make a better dinner companion. God she is adorable.

I don’t hate Valentines Day and I adore watching people celebrate their love, I’m not hater. Gil and I, we just know that if you do it right… every day can be the most romantic day of the year.


January 17th – Busy Weekend!


When your work is considered essential service it a fact of life that sometimes your life is not your own. I am okay with that, the benefits still out weigh the draw backs. But this weekend I gave up my Saturday due to a winter storm so I had to cram all my weekend into Sunday.  I had an amazing day, slept in late, woke up to breakfast and coffee, had an awesome time organizing and decluttering in my bedroom (yes at a certain age that qualifies as an awesome time). There are clean sheets on my bed. I secured a house/dog sitter and booked a romantic get away with my husband for next month   On top of it all Winter Dodgeball season started and I had a GREAT game.

Day 319 – Balls and Friends



I didn’t want to go to dodgeball tonight.  I was tired and cranky. But I went because I made a commitment to my team. I am still tired but altogether less cranky. I love the time I spend with my dodgeball family.  They make me feel loved and supported even when I am being an Uber Bitch  (sorry Steve! !!)
I am so blessed to belong to this community.