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A Day in the Life – A picture an hour


I came across this idea in a blog I follow a while back and it turns out this is… a thing. I wanted to do it earlier but I have been working an assload of over time and was worried you might find 12 pictures of my desk ask boring as I do. So last night I decided today was the day, an absolutely typical Saturday…. god I love Saturday.



7:30am…. there is no such thing as sleeping in when you have dogs, not unless you enjoy cleaning pee off the floor which frankly I don’t.  I am too damn tired to care about what the neighbours might say if they see what I am wearing.


9:30am… Okay time to get up for real. But I am going to lay here and enjoy the quiet a little bit longer while Gil feeds and unfeeds the animals. I love this part of the morning.


10:30 …. Finally made it out of the house and downtown for breakfast at Portland Street Creperie. God I love this place. My breakfast is so amazing that I do a chair dance and try and chew as slowly as I can to make it last longer. Plus the price is amazing. RUN!


11:3oam…. Home from getting groceries, everything I need for meals for the coming week. I feel guilty because I forgot my reusable bags. But I pat myself on the back for planning to COOK!


12:30pm After two crazy weeks of work the kitchen is truly in a state, it is honestly distressing so while Gil is out I ramp up the 90’s dance tunes and have a dance party in the kitchen while I finally get it clean. I feel genuine joy at my accomplishment.


1:30pm… Now that the kitchen is clean I have to make something to take to a friends birthday party tonight. Thank god for an easy delicious recipe and my mixmaster.


2:30pm Time for a break. A cup of tea (or 5) and a cheesy movie sitting at my dining room table which is my favorite place to hang out in my house. I love our table. It is dented, stained, damaged and scared. Proof of all the wonderful times we have there.

p3 3:30pm… Time to prep dinner for tomorrow night. Gil and I have big plans which ONLY by coincidence fall on valentines day. I am making a marinade that calls for 20 cloves of garlic, yes 20!!! My hands smell delightful for the rest of the day.


4:30pm…. Heading out to Pete’s to find a few things for tomorrow’s dinner we couldn’t find at our local grocery store. It’s snowing and I am feeling mild panic that I might get called into work. Gil lets me sit in the cozy warm car while he cleans off the snow.


5:30pm … I am worried that my tea buzz is wearing off so after a successful trip to Pete’s we stop so I can get a London Fog at the Second Cup. Also I love holding the hot cup in my hands because it is hella cold outside!


6:30pm – Running late, I have no idea where the last hour went BACK out in the car to head to Natalie’s 40th birthday party. Gil is driving because I am winter weather wuss. Maybe this means I have have a drink tonight too!


7:30pm – Friends and food! It’s a casual and relaxed event, just like the birthday girl (center with long black hair) but she seems VERY happy!


8:30pm – L&T are teaming up on something in the booze cabinet. This is surly a sign of good things to come. Also everyone knows there is good shit at the end of the rainbow!


10:30 What on earth happened to 9:30? That must have been a really good drink.  Jay looks incredibly dubious about what he is hearing. I am ready to join Jessie for snuggles on her dog bed. I am getting tired but not because I am old, because I am still getting over a cold.  Right?!


11:30pm Strangely deep conversation about calculus and differential equations. Thank you lads for always making sure my brain gets a good work out when we are together. Man we are wild party animals!


1:30 – Okay it’s late! It’s been a great day but truthfully it is WAY past my bed time and I have to pass out now. Hubby is already snoring away and the promise of Sunday is calling!