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The Whirlwind!


Well I had every intention of posting everyday while I was away but in the end it was so busy and I was so tired at night.  The whole week went by so quickly.  It was an amazing experience and there was a LOT of learning.   I feel like my next trip will be a greater success because of the things I learned this time around.

I can’t express how much I loved spending the weekend at the national dodgeball festival with my dodgeball family! It was amazing watching players from all over the country, watching my people play and succeed, to celebrate with them.  I am already planning for 2017!!!



What a day!


Today was the big day, the kick off to my solo adventure.  It has been a real experience. There have been some ups and some downs but most of all there have been a LOT of learning experiences. That is important and it’s what I expected. This is my first time doing this and there is no way I was going to get it all right from the get go.

The flight was actually pretty good. The Ativan helped a lot. Plus I had the greatest flight attendant ever. Porter will be getting a glowing letter about Wendy. She made me feel like a total VIP. Also I paid the $23 extra to have the good seat in the front… COZY!



I am glad I got a cab from the airport, it made my life a lot easier.Trying to make my way through downtown with my heavy suitcase would have been a real pain in the ass.  The hotel let me check in early which was super nice.

Then the walking started. Oh there was a lot of walking. So it turns out if you are going to be doing a lot of walking you should make sure you have really good comfortable footwear. My Chucks, as it happens, I THOUGHT were broken in but now at the end of the day my feet look like ground beef so…no so much.  I actually ended up buying a pair of cheap ballet flats from Pay Less because I couldn’t bare the thought of putting my shoes back on to go to dinner.   According to my pedometer I walked 14 kilometers today. Go me!  I didn’t do everything on my list because me feet hurt so badly I needed to have a break.

I got  a sun burn and even my blisters have blisters but overall  it has been great. I ate some fantastic food, got a little tipsy at dinner and I feel good about my decision to do this.




Dudes! I officially on vacation. I really like my job and I love my coworkers (especially since I really only see them 4 or 5 times a year) but nothing on earth feels as good a well earned vacation.

I have put a lot of time, thought and planning into my up coming trip to Toronto and now I get to just sit back and enjoy it. I am feeling really confidant about this solo trip.

Things I am not worried about: 

  1. Money.  I actually SAVED spending money! I have a nice little stash push room on Mr. Visa in case of emergency.
  2. Getting around. T.DOT has a hella good public transport system and the majority of what I want to do is in walking distance of my hotel anyway.
  3. Getting lost. God bless the smart phone.  I will always have a map with me plus I have pre mapped pretty much everything because I am anal retentive and weird (but you gotta love me.)
  4. Eating along.  I think I covered this already. I am cool with being alone.
  5. Being lonely. I have myself for company. I talk to strangers all the time and I can reach my husband pretty much 24/7 because of this golden digital age.
  6. Getting mugged. I read the statistics, Toronto is actually a pretty safe city especially compared to the one I live in. Plus I am hardcore I will eff a mugger up!

Things I am worried about:

  1. Flying along.  Oh lord. I feel so bad for the poor sucker who gets stuck next to me. But I am going to try and get some Ativan so hopefully that will take the edge off.
  2. ….  yeah pretty much just flying.



Okay peeps,  this is getting REAL. I have one more shift to work and then I am on vacation, then dodgeball pay offs, some celebrating with my sweetie (14 years ago today we had our first kiss!) a Buffy trivia night and then WOOSH! Off to the Big Smoke for some seriously well earned Meggy Time!


I might miss that face a teeny tiny bit… maybe.

The Dressing Game


In the plotting and planning and prepping for my trip (IN 11 DAYS!) I have had to start thinking about what to wear for the dreaded airplane ride. It’s a really early morning flight on a plane that is going to be small and squishy and I am going to be…. fretful. So I want to be comfortable, comfy is a big factor ( I am big with comfy!) but I don’t want to look like a hobo either.  There is most certainly a part of me that remembers when a trip on an airplane was sacrosanct. When I was a wee lass I flew several times with my Nanny, NO jeans or sneakers for this girl. I mean and these trips were FORMAL, Sunday best, pretty dress, pantyhose, black patent leather Mary Janes, posh stuff!  It was definitely a different world back then, people didn’t wear PJ’s to the grocery store and I brushed my hair before I went out in public.


7 years old, total baller!

Two Weeks!


If you could see my face right now it would look a little something like this…


That is to say, I am SO excited! In two weeks I will be getting ready to jet off on a grand adventure. Now I would be lying if I said I didn’t have a few reservations. The flying, the relying on my self for getting around and not getting mugged. But I am 99.9% over the moon excited. Packing has started, lists are being crossed off, Ativan is being procured. I am even having dreams about my adventure and they aren’t nightmares. SQUEEEE!

“By failing to prepare, you are preparing to fail.” Benjamin Franklin


25 more days until my first grand solo adventure. To say I am excited is a great understatement. I have been prepping for this trip so extensively, every restaurant thoroughly researched, galleries, parks and attractions planned meticulously. Outfits have been carefully chosen.  I am a planner, it’s what I do, who I am.  I was talking to my friend Mark this evening and he described a recent vacation of his where he just flew by the seat of his pants, woke up in his exotic local and thought “What shall I do today?”.  Honest to god just listening to him gave me palpitations. Without a list, without a well thought out plan… .what would I DO?! And then a thought occurred to me…. Have I always been such a tight ass? And the answer is no.  I remember a time when I definitely had much less of a stick so firmly inserted, a time when I was younger, had much less responsibility, a time when I was kind of a bit of wild child. For about second and a half I felt some kind of twinge, some nostalgia maybe for that girl who moved to London without a job or money or a plan, the girl who went to university… on a dare! The girl who did lots of other things that I am totally not going to confess to in the internet because I still have some dignity.  But just as quickly as that pang of nostalgia stuck it was chased away by the memory of how unhappy that girl was, how miserable being unpredictable made me. The memory of how worried I was about paying rent or bills or eating. The memory of how worried my friends and family were for me and the choices I made for myself.   Now I am sure there is a middle ground and I hope one day to find it, maybe have one day of vacation where I “play it by ear”. I can certainly work on being less ridged but in the mean time if the key to  my happiness and confidence is a well thought out list… well that is a price I am happy to pay.


This Wild Child!