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No Sleep For The … Homeowner.


I remember a time when the weekend meant parties, sleeping, lazing, coffee drinking, sleeping, friends, beer drinking and more sleeping.

These days things are a wee bit different. Let’s take this weekend. Saturday morning I had no place to be, I had the whole day to do what ever I wanted. I had the whole bed to myself because hubby was away.  I could not WAIT to sleep in and just…. slack.  So of course I was up at 6am.  I mean super WIDE awake, take on the world wide awake.  SO that is what I did. I cleaned, shopped, cleaned, cooked, took care of pets, cleaned, went to a birthday party for a small fry, cleaned and then flaked in front of the TV enjoy a cold beer with my friend T.

Today I managed to sleep until 8am (go me!) but then it was lather, rinse, repeat. Clean, pets, meal planned, groceries, coffee, clean, clean, clean.   We never don’t have a project on the go. We never don’t have a run under renovation or gardens to tend or a lawn requiring mowing.  With three cats and two dogs there is always something to sweep or vacuum or scoop.

I can’t wait to go on vacation just to get away from the endless demand of everyday life of middle class suburbia, hello first world problems.




Love is being stupid together. ~Paul Valery


I have seen many lovely declarations of love today, some heartfelt, some humorous, all fantastic. Gil and I we, well we aren’t really valentines people. Anytime we put effort into romance it always comes across… awkward and disingenuous.

Sure I like flowers but I like getting to sleep in while he takes the dogs out for a pee much much more.  I like nice dinners and sweet treats but we have never needed a special occasion for any of those things. So this is how my sweet guy and our spent our glorious Sunday which also happened to be February 14th


It was a extra chilly morning and I really didn’t want to get out of bed but my honey lured me into the cold car with the promise of bum warmers and adventure. I have to be honest, he can talk me into pretty much anything… he has a way with words.



Breakfast at Norbert’s. They make the best Golden Milk. The market is a lot quieter on Sunday so we were able to and enjoy ourselves. I love talking to my husband over breakfast.



While Gil was at jugger in the afternoon I spent some time napping and writing and then I made us a “we miss Cuba” feast.  Rice and black beans, Cuban pulled pork and Cuba Libre’s. I can neither confirm nor deny rumors that there was salsa dancing in the dining room but I will say my name can shake it!


While Gilly was distracted my sweet girl decided she would make a better dinner companion. God she is adorable.

I don’t hate Valentines Day and I adore watching people celebrate their love, I’m not hater. Gil and I, we just know that if you do it right… every day can be the most romantic day of the year.


January 24th – A Good Weekend



Before heading to the market hubby and I had a fantastic Saturday brunch at the Portland Street Creperie. RUN DON’T WALK. This place is killer.


I spent Saturday afternoon drinking tea and watching my godson grown before my eyes. He now says my name with perfect clarity and he speaks in full sentences.


I got this AMAZING hand carved box for my birthday. Isn’t is beautiful? I love it.



Lunch courtesy of Humble Pie . Honest to god this was probably the best chicken pot pies I have ever tasted.


We had dinner at Jamieson’s with friends who we adore. It was a wonderful night with lot’s of laughs and great food.

Today was a bit more subdued, I wasn’t feeling great and I was really kind of cranky and bitching all day (yes my poor husband) and by late afternoon I was feeling nauseated and like I had vertigo almost like when I have a migraine but with no pain. I was hoping it would pass before my 6:30 dodgeball game. Alas when I the time came I still felt like crap so Gil took me home after his game.



This is kind of what it looked like to me tonight

Day 288 – 291 It wasn’t the weekend I planned but it was the one I needed



A little Friday night nerding is the perfect way to kick off the weekend! Especially when it is gory as hell!


Saturday I ended up having to work which totally sucked BUT I was done in time to go to the end of season softball banquet and I got stand up with my peeps and accept the big trophy which has NEVER happened to me in my whole life. They were very good about letting me drag it around all night and pretend I had something to do with winning it.


The moment we waited for all week Richard vs Richard on the dodgeball court! There was lots of fun smack talk and despite the fact that I put a tooth thru my lip and bruised my sternum I still had a great time taking on my baby, it helps more than a little bit that I beat him.

Day 138 – Babes



We really enjoyed the extra day off in the sun. There was a trip to the playground and then a nice walk/bike ride round the ‘hood. We had stopped at a tennis court to goof off for a while when a man came in to practice his backhand. C&D took an opportunity to stop for a snack. They watched the man very intently and made up their own narrative for what was going on which was friggin’ hysterical. Seriously these kids are better than Statler and Waldorf!