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Open your eyes, look within. Are you satisfied with the life you’re living? – Bob Marley



I have lived almost every single one of my 41 years on the east coast of Canada, perched next to the Atlantic ocean. That is not an insubstantial amount of winters. Why then have I never acclimated?  When will evolution make me hardy enough to endure snow and slush and freezing rain. When will I get used to living in a place where the air hurts my face? Surely 40 years should have made something about this easier.

As I lay here in my bed, curled up under the duvet, wearing heavy socks and clutching my heating pad, I can hear the wind outside whipped up in a frenzy and I am dreading the oncoming storm.   But maybe if I close my eyes really tight I can convince my mind it’s not the wind but the crashing waves of endless blue ocean. Maybe my dreams will take me far away to the white sand beach at Cayo Blanco where I will float drinking pina colada out of pineapple. Maybe my heart will always be in Cuba.


OMG -February!!


Holy crap February has been a true sh*t storm so far!  And by storm of course I mean of the winter variety. The work I do is considered  essential services so when a winter storm hits it means me and mine dig deep and set in for the long haul. Since January 29th we have had three major storm events which means on top of my regular hours I have also worked 53 hours of overtime. Yeah…. good times! In addition I have had an upper respiratory and ear infection and my sweet hubby had a cold.   I have done ZERO house work and almost all my food has been take out or left overs.  Dudes it’s not a pretty picture.

However there have been some awesome moments because my life is full of awesome people


My sweet brother Phil showed up with a giant bag of Cuban coffee fresh of the island!



My beautiful friend Vicki popped by with red velvet cupcakes just for me!!


and my hubby got me some non-germy kisses


I am fervently hoping that I get to experience a whole weekend off this week but if Mother Nature still has her knickers in knot I know I will get thru it with my awesome work team, my great friends and the veritable pharmacy of cold and flu meds on my bedside table.

January 30th – It Came To Pass…


Well the storm came and my plans got cancelled. Yes I am bummed but at the end of the day this is my job and I like my job, I am good at my job and they pay me so…

The day was not without it’s share of silver linings…


A wonderful friend brought me a special treat as a reward today. I think this might have been just about the sweetest act of kindness I could imagine.


I love the way my tree looks in the street light with the ice all twinkling and shiny.



Even though I didn’t get off until 9pm my sweetie and I still managed to steal a few hours for a romantic dinner at one of our favorite sports.

All things considered it was a still a pretty good day and that’s the only thing that matters.

Jan.28 – One of THOSE days



Dudes I am have been SO excited for the weekend. It has been a LONG work week. Like SUPER long, not awful just busy and frustrating.  But I have plans for the weekend, good plans, exciting plans. Plans I am REALLY LOOKING FORWARD TO! So of course we are going to have a snow storm.  For me snow = work, and sure work = $$ but balls to your $$ I have plans!!


Day 105 – Simple Pleasures



It has been SUCH a long winter, the house has been shut up and closed. After months and months of that between two humans and 5 fur babies the house smells like… winter. It’s getting kind of gross. But today the weather is absolutely beautiful and the windows are cracked open. It smells fresh, or at least I assume it does, I am still stuffed up so I can’t tell for sure. But it feels fresher and I feel happy and THAT is what matters!