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Girl Power!


So my trip to Ontario was amazing for lots of reasons. I can’t begin to tell you how much I value the experience I had.But there was one moment among all of them that REALLY stands out. I was at the National Dodgeball Festival in Barrie, with a large contingent of my dodgeball family. I found myself in a loud crowded arena but in a moment of zen I looked around and saw that on all six courts there were twelve teams of women playing.  That’s a MINIMUM of 72 women playing their guts out, kicking total ass. 72 women!!!! I was so amazed, so in awe that I actually began to cry.  I love the women I play with here in Nova Scotia, they have become some of my dearest friends, nay members of my family. I am constantly blown away by their talent and passion for our game. We are a mighty group of woman but we are small in number. When I can’t make a game and I need a sub it can be so difficult, a problem that our dudes rarely have.


Our leagues here are almost exclusively co-ed and we play with some incredible men but sometimes it is difficult to not get frustrated and feel like teams are built around the male players and then the women are added based on league requirements which is just crazy because some of the best players I have ever seen were chicas!

Looking around at those 72 women I felt so proud to be with them (even if this time around I wasn’t dodging) and I was emboldened by all those strong, fierce ladies.







There is no such thing as an ugly woman. ~Vincent Van Gogh


I learned a trendy new thing today, I had already heard of, and even participated in #TBT (Throw Back Thursday)but, until today, I had never heard or #WCW, Woman Crush Wednesday defined by Urban Dictionary as Abbreviation for Woman Crush Wednesday. Generally used on Twitter or Instagram to talk about one’s favorite female. Thanks Chastin for teaching me this!

I would be really hard pressed to pick my favorite female. I mean are we talking about women I know? Women I think are hot? Hey I may be straight but I do have eyes!  Maybe it should be women I admire for their strengths or politics. Singers, painters, martyrs, saints?

I could make a list as long as a football field and it still would not be enough but for the rest of the month I am going to give a list of women who I dig for one reason or another!

  1. Jes – The Militant Baker who is so bad ass I scarcely have the words to describe her! Really, you should go read her RIGHT NOW!
  2. BK Cannon – Cute, funny and adorkable! You can find her Twitter feed here
  3. Ash Beckham – Her video inspired me so much, I have watched it many times over. If you haven’t I suggest you watch it now. 
  4. Hillary Clinton – What is not to like about this lady? Fierce, driven, passionate and she says things like “Dignity does not come from avenging insults, especially from violence that can never be justified. It comes from taking responsibility and advancing our common humanity.”
  5. Felicia Day – If I have to explain this to you all hope is lost.