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Evening train of thought….


It’s been a really busy few days.  My long weekend Monday ended with an unfortunate calamity involving my car, an expired safety inspection and a big fine. The silver lining is I will never be complacent about this again. I have a reminder on my calendar every two years until I am 105 years old (I figure by then I will be too old to drive).  Owning a car is so much more effort than I expected but I like the perks.  As a bonus I got my new insurance paper work in the mail yesterday and my monthly payment went down WEEEE. So far this year my monthly power bill went down, my insurance AND my car should be all paid off in less than 3 months so I have some pluses in the financial column.


The last two days I have gone into the office for work which is great for several reasons. I really like getting so see some of my work people. I had two great lunch dates and LOTS of hugs. Plus I got to deliver cookies to some special folks.  Also I loved what I was doing which was working with our summer students.  It’s fun to be involved in training and the students are young and energetic and enthusiastic. I was kept on my toes for two solid days with great questions and a bit of a refresher for me, it’s been so long since I had my own training, it’s helpful to get that perspective of how far I’ve come. I remember being raw and new and afraid of screwing up, I am glad I stuck it out. I like my job.

Project #notv is still going well.  Last night I as tired and almost caved so instead I opted to go to bed early and get a good night of sleep.  I find as long as I have some music on I long for it less, apparently I just need noise.  I am hoping that starting next week I will fill some of that quiet time with an evening walk.



OMG -February!!


Holy crap February has been a true sh*t storm so far!  And by storm of course I mean of the winter variety. The work I do is considered  essential services so when a winter storm hits it means me and mine dig deep and set in for the long haul. Since January 29th we have had three major storm events which means on top of my regular hours I have also worked 53 hours of overtime. Yeah…. good times! In addition I have had an upper respiratory and ear infection and my sweet hubby had a cold.   I have done ZERO house work and almost all my food has been take out or left overs.  Dudes it’s not a pretty picture.

However there have been some awesome moments because my life is full of awesome people


My sweet brother Phil showed up with a giant bag of Cuban coffee fresh of the island!



My beautiful friend Vicki popped by with red velvet cupcakes just for me!!


and my hubby got me some non-germy kisses


I am fervently hoping that I get to experience a whole weekend off this week but if Mother Nature still has her knickers in knot I know I will get thru it with my awesome work team, my great friends and the veritable pharmacy of cold and flu meds on my bedside table.

January 30th – It Came To Pass…


Well the storm came and my plans got cancelled. Yes I am bummed but at the end of the day this is my job and I like my job, I am good at my job and they pay me so…

The day was not without it’s share of silver linings…


A wonderful friend brought me a special treat as a reward today. I think this might have been just about the sweetest act of kindness I could imagine.


I love the way my tree looks in the street light with the ice all twinkling and shiny.



Even though I didn’t get off until 9pm my sweetie and I still managed to steal a few hours for a romantic dinner at one of our favorite sports.

All things considered it was a still a pretty good day and that’s the only thing that matters.

Jan.28 – One of THOSE days



Dudes I am have been SO excited for the weekend. It has been a LONG work week. Like SUPER long, not awful just busy and frustrating.  But I have plans for the weekend, good plans, exciting plans. Plans I am REALLY LOOKING FORWARD TO! So of course we are going to have a snow storm.  For me snow = work, and sure work = $$ but balls to your $$ I have plans!!


I Am Spoiled


MOST of the time I work from an office in my home but for the last seven days I have been going into THE office, our head office when the majority of my co-worker work. It was lovely to spend time with my work friends, to get out and socialize, to just plain get out, but being there for the week gave me a lot of perspective on just how lucky I am.

  • My idea of business casual generally consists of flannel pj’s and no bra!
  • It is SO quiet in my office.
  • No public washroom!!
  • I spend one break a day having a cuddle with my boy Angus.
  • My other breaks are spent cooking, cleaning, having kitchen dance parties, watching TV or napping.
  • My commute is AWESOME! No bridge traffic or toll, no paying for parking, no parking tickets.
  • There’s no need to be up at the ass crack of dawn.
  • If I over sleep I can shower on my break.
  • No spending money on coffee or lunches.

Yup, it is pretty amazing and I know I am a lucky girl.


DAY 27 – It Does The Body Good



There are times when cutting out back on the soda pop is MUCH harder than others.  Today I had a long shift at work covering the storm. Normally it would be a 5+ can day for my good ol’ diet coke but today I had none. I don’t even have any in the house.  Instead I had tea, water, Powerade and my favorite new treat, an ice cold glass of 1% chocolate milk. Mmmmmmm!