January 22nd – 10 Things I love


Oh Hello FRIDAY!!! I am so happy to see you. I have been waiting for you ALL week! In honour of how much I love you I want to give a shout out to other things I love!

  1. Cold beer!


Usually it tastes best on a Friday evening or on a hot deck. However there really is no bad time to enjoy an ice cold wobbly pop.

2. Mac & Cheese  


I am not talking KD here boys are girls, I mean yes it has it’s place in our well rounded Canadian diet but I am talking about beautiful, from scratch M&C.  It is my life’s ambition to find the perfect dish of mac & cheese


3.Red barns

12113382_10156111414005521_8059640191906483647_o (1)

I don’t know what it is but I just adore red barns. I would stop and take a picture of every single one I drove by if time and patience allowed.  Someday I am going to take a week long road trip on my own and I am going to stop and take pictures of every barn I see. Bucket list!

4. Good coffee


Good coffee. Hot, black, sweet. I like to drink it slowly, in a quiet. I like holding the warm cup in my hands and smelling it.  Yeah coffee is sexy, what can I say?


5. My Fur Babies

Okay, after the accidents on the floor, the hair balls, the actually fighting like cats and dogs I just love my babies.  I love cuddles and snuggles and goofiness. I love when then get so excited to see me. I love the head butts and drools and midnight dog choirs.

6.  My BFFFE


Good gravy I love this woman. She is the bright sunny light in my darkest of days. Before her I didn’t realize that doing nothing could be so awesome. We are the original Real House Wives of Dartmouth and someday someone is going to write a book about the stupid shit we say in Starbucks.

7. My Brothers


Words fail me when I try and explain what my brothers mean to me. I am the little dork in the middle. I am flanked by two superheros who protected me, stood beside me, loved me and taught me awesome curse words.

8. Dodgeball!12377903_10156323331450521_7067662064106118483_o

I love the game, I love the community and I love the family I have made. I just can’t say enough great things about DODGEBALL!

9. Johnnie Walker Double Black


I never thought that I would be a whisky girl but in the past few years I have really developed a taste for it. My dear friend Louis has been a great influence on me in this department and I have been able to try lots of great whiskys but my favorite, hands down, is the Double Black.  It is smokey and sultry and I feel like the queen of the world when I drink it.

10. My Sweet Babboo.


When I was in my twenties a friend of mine told me that my problem with men was that I was too picky. And he was right, I was picky, I would rather be alone then with someone just to be WITH SOMEONE. I don’t necessarily believe in fate and I certainly don’t believe in soulmates but I believe that my pickiness was rewarded with this man. He makes me insane and some days I could just kick his ass but after 14 years he still makes me laugh until it hurts and he always kisses me goodnight even when we are mad at each other. True Effing Love!







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